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8 Basic Ideas on How to Manifest Faster Results Using the Law of Attraction

Attraction can’t really be discussed in detail without pointing at the law behind it. The idea of the law of attraction basically tells us that thoughts determine experience.

You are expected to act as a co-creator with God to manifest your deepest desire. When the law of attraction is been applied correctly, those things deepest to your heart are manifested in a quicker way.

On the contrary, when the basic concepts are misused, the reverse becomes the case.

However, when you grasp the techniques behind the concept very well, you will definitely use them correctly.

The law of attraction is just a simple reaction. You can use the 7 basic ideas provided below to manifest faster results.

  1. Show appreciate now

Attraction goes in hand with appreciation! Appreciation, in other words, gratitude, works like magic to transform people’s life. However, it takes the law of attraction to get more than what you are grateful for.

On the contrary, the law of attraction works the other way round when you feel bothered instead of feeling grateful.

Certainly, when you feel frustrated, you are more likely to manifest conditions that will give you unhappy feelings.

So, gratitude marks the first rule to manifest faster results. If you aren’t doing it, start now! Appreciate everything that you are able to obtain today, show gratitude for all no matter how little.

“The vibration of gratitude attracts more positive things in your life” Cherie Roe Dirksen.

2. Imagine it

Imagination is a powerful tool that can help you manifest whatever you desire in your life. Your ally is your imagination, NOT your will power.

You have to show a willingness to get what you want. Then, you make a step by visualizing it. There is no doubt! imagination and visualization are so influential when it comes to manifestation.

The power behind them can help to create stunning results in life. No wonder Richard Bach said “to bring anything into your life, imagine that it’s already there”

3. Speak of what you want

Begin to talk about that which you desire now. There is power in speech and it aligns with the law of attraction. Even though people see it as a hypocritical act, it’s not at all.

The law of attraction teaches us to speak about what we want as if they’re already happening.

Acknowledge the fact that everything you desire already exists. And for this reason, conceive the thought in your mind so as to bring it to reality.

The moment you begin to speak of your thoughts, it starts to grow stronger and begins to manifest all over you.

For instance, when a kid is in need of something, he or she becomes so eager to have it. Knowing how children request what they want, they speak about it every moment, picture it and say how to use it when they finally have it.

All they know is that somehow, someday they will have it, not minding when or how it comes. They are always excited to speak about it until it comes. The same thing applies when you want to manifest a fast result using the law of attraction.

Have the feeling of ecstasy to speak about what you are expecting in life. As a matter of fact, thoughts and words can quickly draw one’s desire close to him or her.

4. Stay close to the things you desire

Never stay far away from the things you desire. It may sound weird saying that you should be surrounded by the things you want, but, this is truly the way to attract them.

Factually, those things you desire have not become yours, but they can come to you when you view them always. Get the pictures of what you desire and hang on your wall, and visit places where you can see them most often.

On the other hand, borrow them if you can. Always fix yourself with people and the environment that has exactly what you wish to have.

By creating such links, you will get the motivation that can improve your ability to generate more of it.

It is within your power to successfully apply the law of attraction to get what you desire. What you think, you create. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you become.

Now that you know this, it is up to you to apply it. Create how-to attract what you want and stay around it until it manifests.

No doubt! What you surround yourself more with is actually what you will get in return.

5. Create and feel confident

When you must have created a positive energy state for what you want to attract, let go of them. Feel confident and be very optimistic about having them sooner or later.

It is very essential to know that you desire to get a particular thing, and then, create energy towards getting it.

However, fitting tightly to the feeling of want will create a fear of doubt. In this way, you keep feeling needier instead of feeling confident.

Basically, the law of attraction which applies to the universe will make what you have created to manifest.

Ralph Waldo Emerson says “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen” So, why not let go and then, move into the receiving state?

6. Know how to receive

At this juncture, the law of attraction becomes more active when you progress to the receiving state. Now, you already have what you have been visualizing for long.

Thus says the scripture “therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for, believe that you have received it and it will be yours” This is indeed extremely difficult for some individuals.

Quit being clingy and doubtful now and learn to receive! You desire it seriously, you have created the power to attract and you believed it will come, but the problem becomes knowing how to receive.

If you feel that you are undeserving of what you desire, then, why wanting it at all?. For the fact that you need it, you deserve it and then, should learn to receive it.

Notably, undeserving feelings can be a stumbling block to manifesting process which finally destroys your hope to attract your desire.

Remember that the law of attraction gets you closer to your close to a sense of reality. So, allow it to manifest, feel that you are good enough for what you want, and then receive it.

7. Feel worthy now

Be a magnet to prosperity in every area of your life. Be open and receptive to all of it now!

All you want already exist; however, you need to recognize that you can manifest it all. If you desire riches, be worthy to manifest it so as to influence people around you the same way.

As mentioned in No. 6 above, the feeling of unworthiness is a giant block in manifesting. Your creator wishes that you have it, and the world is quite enormous that it can provide enough for all.

Apply the law of attraction to every step in life, manifest a better life, make people around you better and then, add value to the universe.

Feel worthy because you are! The earlier you feel worthy, the faster you are in manifesting what you desire.

8. Give what you desire most

Jon M. Huntsman quoted that “selfless giving unto others represents one’s true wealth” What’s more, when you give, you receive in abundance much faster.

Feel happy to give to others the things you desire. Probably, you will manifest additional than you may perhaps imagine when you do so.

When you give out, you ought to give in love regularly but be conscious to preserve for yourself. In this way, you will be abundantly blessed by the law of attraction.

Do not run yourself down by giving. Give exactly what you can instead of depleting yourself. Giving more of yourself just to attract your desire is very faulty, beware!

Some people will say “but I don’t have all the money it takes to help”. It must not be money. There must be something you so much desire which another might be lacking, supply them to such persons.

For you to surely manifest more in the natural flow of the universe, you must be in the flow of giving.


The successful application of the law of attraction leads to fast and happy manifestation. Understand the fact that this law is meant for the whole universe. It doesn’t matter your age, religion or status! It is for the benefit of all.

Therefore, if you truly want to win, you have to, first of all, bring faith and then, use the roadmap provided above.

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