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8 Ways for Busy Moms to Lose Weight, Tone Up and Have More Energy

Ways for Busy Moms to Lose Weight

A healthy weight loss program can be a time commitment for overweight busy moms.

However, the scale doesn’t care how many hours you have for yourself in a day. What matters most is how wisely you spend the time.

There are strategies for busy moms to lose weight, tone up and have more energy without the stress of decision making. Do you know that you can skip gym activities and save time while achieving your weight loss goal as a busy mom?

If you are too busy to lose weight yet, you have some annoying pounds you wish to drop, the guide below has been provided to help moms lose weight in a healthy way and have more energy.

  1. Create a healthy eating plan

Create a healthy eating routine for yourself. Let most of your daily diets be emphasized on fruits, vegetables, lean protein, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products.

Observe the nutrients healthy for weight loss and proper weight management while planning your daily meal.

The healthy eating plan provides the body with essential nutrients it needs on a daily basis while staying within the goal of your daily calorie intake for weight loss.

For a busy mom to lose weight, she needs to reduce the number of calories consumed from food and beverages daily. Daily calorie intake should be reduced to 500 or 700 calories for a weight loss of 1 to 1 and a half pounds per week.

To lose weight safely as a busy mother, your eating plans should contain 1,200 to 1,500 calories each day. On the other hand, women who exercise regularly can lose some pounds with eating plans that have 1,500 to 1,800.

Limit your daily intake of sodium, refined sugars, trans fats, unhealthy oil and dairy products from processed foods.

Do not eat a very low-calorie diet that is less than 800 calories per day, except you are been monitored by a health practitioner.

  1. Control your portion sizes

Eating an appropriate portion of food without going back for a second time is a simple way of cutting down from the total intake of calories per day.

It is good to take control of your portion sizes because increased portion sizes may contribute to overeating thereby gaining unwanted weight.

Several factors such as the size of your plate and eating almost all of what you are served can influence how much you eat.

While struggling to control your weight, try to measure the quantity of food you eat by using a sizable plate to curb the total food intake for each meal.

  1. Do not skip meals

Some people see this advice as being contrary to intuition after having heard that they should eat less in order to lose weight.

Skipping a meal implies that you will stay for up to 5 hours without refueling. This can cause your metabolism to slow down.

Studies show that a person with slow or metabolism will burn fewer calories both at rest and during activities; you are therefore advised to eat every meal moderately instead of skipping a meal which can lead to overweight.

After starving for a long period of 4 to 5 hour hours, your metabolism rate will get lowered which contributes to unhealthy food choices when you finally sit to eat.

How do you lose weight with a slow metabolism?

Avoid skipping any meal. It isn’t a good idea for weight loss, instead, it causes weight gain or makes weight loss hard for you.

When you stay a long time without eating, it causes your cells and body to crave food which will lead you to eat a lot.

  1. Batch cooking

Batch cooking is the act of preparing different kinds of foods in large portions ahead of time. This technique helps busy moms a lot especially the overweight types.

You can make your healthy meals in extra quantities and freeze them for future use. This will help you whenever you feel stressed up from the day’s work.

This is s super organizing approach to meal planning and preparation for the busy moms. In this way, the freezer becomes your friend.

Ensure to use the best nutritious ingredients for all batch cooked foods. You may choose to batch cook ahead of one week or one month depending on your choice.

  1. Avoid sugary snacks at work

Chocolates, biscuits, butter pie and refined carbohydrate snacks you eat at work are not healthy enough. They contribute to adding unwanted pounds to your usual body weight.

This will help meet your daily vitamin and mineral requirements and top up your energy levels during this new phase of your life.

Try to snack on fruits such as walnuts, almonds and other nutrient-dense foods that can help the body meet up with daily mineral and vitamin requirements.

  1. Stay hydrated always

One of the easiest ways to sabotage weight loss taking extra calories while drinking enough is a way of encouraging it.

Studies reveal that the body cannot burn out fat when it is dehydrated. This is to say that the body is prone to fat burning when the reverse becomes the case.

Even if you are eating a perfect weight loss diet but dehydrated, you are most likely to lose less weight than you expected.

Drinking enough water daily not only helps in turning up fat burning capacity but also helps to maintain the body fluid especially in busy breastfeeding moms.

  1. Practice physical activities

As a busy mom, you may find it difficult to make out time from your busy schedule to go to the gym. Do not blame yourself for this; just observe some physical exercises like brisk walking, jogging or related.

What’s the quickest way to tone up?

All physical exercises can influence weight loss and help one to tone up. Practicing regular physical exercises is a very healthy lifestyle for busy moms. Even othres trying to lose weight or to maintain a healthy weight.

You can turn your home into your own gym. Download some free yoga apps and workout-plan videos with your smartphones. This will enable you to work it out from the comfort of your homes.

  1. Sleep very well

No matter how busy you are, do not fail to sleep very well after the day’s stress. You need to get some sleep to readily active for the next day.

Your body requires up to 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night so as to wake up healthy and strong to prepare breakfast and lunch for the kids before walking out the door.

Studies have shown that when dieters retrench on sleep for a period of 14 days, the amount of weight they lost from fat will be dropped by 55% although their calories stayed equal.

Lack of sleep affects many hormones including your insulin and hunger hormone which can cause overeating – results in weight gain.

Poor sleep or lack of sleep generally dulls your brain and overall body activities. Sleeping very well is the simplest way of losing some pounds. The resting metabolism accounts for up to two-thirds to three-quarters of the calories we burn every day.

Overweight has got many busymoms asking “What is the fastest way to lose weight with a busy schedule”? “How can I lose weight at a little time”? “How can I help my overweight child lose weight”? and so many other related questions.

Final Word

With the points provided above, you as a busy mom can get your desired body weight, tone up and have more energy for official duties and house chores.

Do not beat yourself up whenever you overindulge, just give a moment to analyze what lead to that and then avoid it completely.

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