9 Tips To Improve Online Poker Play Before Cards Are Even Dealt!

9 Tips To Improve Online Poker Play Before Cards Are Even Dealt!
9 Tips To Improve Online Poker Play Before Cards Are Even Dealt!

Rules to the game of poker can be found easily by searching on Google. If that is what you are after then this article is not for you.

This article is for those who are looking for some secrets to improve their online poker play. If what you want is something fresh, something exciting, and something that will give you an edge over other players this is the article for you.

To be specific this article will be talking about the game of Texas Hold’em poker. This is the most popular form of poker as seen on television and in the majority of Internet poker rooms.

More than 20 million people worldwide over the netplay poker and online poker are different from traditional poker in a number of ways. This article is focusing on Internet play.

When you first start playing online you typically will see your stack of chips dwindle down fairly quickly.

The key to playing and winning this game consistently is not so much “gut instinct” but real technical knowledge.

As you start to progress above technical knowledge there will be a requirement to be mentally tough, disciplined, and aggressive.

Really understanding the odds in Poker is one of the keys to success; giving you an awareness of the possibilities and the expected value of your hand.

Extensive simulations have been performed for the game of Texas Holdem that has taught researchers a good deal about real game odds and best strategy.

To be a better player you not only need to understand the odds, but you also need to know yourself and you need to know other players and you need to be very aggressive when the time is right.

This does not mean being aggressive for the sake of being aggressive; that is a surefire way to lose.

What follows is a technique you can use to give you the edge before the first card is even dealt with.

Online play is intensive and fierce and you have to make decisions constantly. Raise? Stay? Call? Fold?

Making the best choices with the information given is the key to winning consistently.

The latest research shows that over 50% of your wins are decided before a single card has been dealt with you. What follows are 9 keys to success before a card is even dealt with.

1. Select your casino. You want to be a member of at least 5 online casinos. Select well-known reputable casinos known for paying quickly and using industry-standard randomizing algorithms.

2. Select a betting limit. High-stake limit tables are not the best place to make large amounts of money but instead a good place to lose large amounts.

3. Select your stake. The smart decision is to have 50 to 100 times the Big Blind. Having more will aid to intimidate weaker players and give you credibility.

4. Select a table. Don’t rush into choosing a table. Spend at least 15 minutes watching play at each table.

Check at least 3 tables before making a decision and make notes. Select the loosest table based on watched play and if all tables are running tight then move to a different casino.

5. Select a position at the table. Look for the tightest player (not the luckiest) and pick a spot to that player left.

A tight player is somebody who understands the rules and plays well based on the odds and aggressively when required.

6. Take notes as you play. What is their style of play? Do they fold or raise before the flop? What size stake?

Do they react slowly or quickly? In many online games, you can add player notes within the game.

7. Turn off chat and distractions. You want to focus if you are playing for money. Let your opponents miss cues and be distracted.

8. Play tight – learn the rules, and understand the odds and bet aggressively at the right times rather than being too timid. There is not enough scope in this article to go into more detail.

9. Play for one hour but no more. You want to be sharper than other players. Take a break-even if you are winning at this stage.

With these tips in mind, you can have a winning advantage before even the first card has been dealt with.

It does require a little bit of extra work but doing that work will also improve your play as you watch how others play and gain a better feel for casinos and tables.