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A Concise Carpet-Buying Guide

How often do you fight with your husband on selecting something that’s eminent in the making of the house?

Every time! From cheese to curtains and from toothpastes to the carpets, do you undergo a long debate and finally settle down to a conclusion, which one to go for and what should be chucked out?

You know this is not a fight but a sense of responsibility and involvement you both share to shape your living together under the same roof. And in matters like selecting carpets this debate holds great worth.

Carpets are really costly items and chances of getting misled always remain. If you don’t have a correct knowledge about the fibers, also about the knot making of the carpets, a carpet dealer can make profit by selling a low-cost carpet at a high price. How is this possible?

The first appeal that carpet will create is through the colors and then the designs. If you are conscious about the raw material you will have a few queries on it and very few really understand the knot making part and largely skip it in admitting the designs and style.

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Finally the softness, the plush becomes the hallmark of the deal. You will never know that the carpet is next to the chameleons camouflage and it is actually not what it looks like.

Yes! While buying a carpet and installing it to the floor of your house you must be cautious of several things because this is not toothpaste you will buy two in a month.

It is a carpet and that costs you a lot of price. It should definitely be good looking and also great lasting.

  • Have a clear understanding of the materials the carpets are made of.
  • Know the difference between the natural and the synthetic fibers.
  • Once you know about the fibers be it silk, cotton, jute or nylon; you will also know about the weaving part of the carpets.
  • Also understand the knot style and weaving process. That helps you in distinguishing the quality of weaving and also to bargain on the price.
  • Know about colors and make sure that stain resistant has been applied while making carpets itself.
  • Deciding upon what carpet you should go for the floors of your home depends largely on the size of your pocket.
  • Then comes the size of your rooms. Whether you want wall-to-wall carpeting or area rugs depend on your choice.
  • The material selection, the color composition, the fiber fineness, the fabrication and obviously the longevity- it is a combination of all these factors that makes the final choice. You must always know that you can alter the shades of the walls, as you wish once or twice in a year, is it possible for carpeting? So select your steps very cautiously.
  • Always try buying carpets from the manufacturer or a genuine vendor. The ways to access the warranty and the guarantee facilities can be easily availed.
  • Again find out that original cleaning and dusting guides from the manufacturer’s desk when you buy a carpet. This not only simplifies the cleaning process, but also sustains the original lush look of the carpet when you had bought it.
  • From Turkish style to Jozen design of carpet making, whatever be your choice, fixing up your priorities on carpet buying is must.

Have confidence in your choice and you will see the content in the eyes of your spouse. Let the carpet symbolize your love and be forever as your relation!

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