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A Few Tips To Help You Become A Fearless Speaker

A good public speaker is one who can keep his audience enthralled for a considerable time. The oratory skill is one of the qualities that brings closer to the hearts of a number of people.

You might have often dreamt of achieving public speakers those magic prowess by which he keeps mesmerized a sizable audience. The majority of us want to acquire oratory skills for various reasons.

While some of us want to master the art of speaking in public just to impress and enhance our social acceptability, for many people being a good speaker is the part of their profession.

But not all of us turn out to be a good speaker when we have to deliver a speech before a group of people. The reason is purely psychological.

Those who easily get panicked at the very thought of delivering a speech before an audience, equate the function of public speaking with that of a stage performance.

Being over-stressed on stage is the most important reason why some speakers miserably fail on the dais. They also imagine things that might happen while on the stage; like going blank, starting fumbling, rejection of the audience, and being poked funs at the fear factors are limited only by these bad speakers’ imagination.

According to most experts, it is this fear factor that has to be first dealt with to become a successful public speaker.

First of all, you have to be changing your mind, stop imagining things and stop equating public speaking with some kind of show.

You should know that public speaking does not mean a stage performance, it is a process of communication that takes place between you and your audience and your speech is the bridge that connects you with your audience.

Then set out a goal and view in your mind the purpose of the speech. Delivering a speech before an audience means you have to share a set of information and ideas with your audience.

While on stage take the approach that you are conversing with a group of friends to share your point of view with them. This will reduce your stress.

From my experience, I know that speakers often become conscious about the reaction of some of the audiences that are talking or laughing and so on. This distracts the speaker to a considerable extent and he loses his concentration and eventually gets lost in his own words.

To get rid of this problem, you should treat the whole audience as one face, and there will always be a few individuals among the audience whose actions may distract you initially.

You have to learn to ignore them and as you progress on your speech, you will find it easier to concentrate more.

Always remember that the audience has turned up because they have an interest in the subject you are going to deliver the speech on and if your speech is substantial enough, there is no reason the audience will not pay attention.

Thinking of audiences’ interest in your subject will boost up your confidence.

Here comes the importance of the content. Always remember the audience has come to hear what you say, and not to watch you performing on the stage.

So make the content of the speech interesting by incorporating your original ideas in the speech and at the same time make it informative.

A meaty content will easily get your message across to your audience and as the audience finds interest in your topic, you get more and more confident.

Here are a few more practical tips to keep yourself cool at the time of public speaking. It is extremely beneficial to shift your places by switching to sitting and standing postures alternatively.

Also, use a cordless microphone and keep on pacing up and down while you talk. Being confined to a podium adds to an intimidating feeling that cuts on your confidence. This will give you short breaks to stretch your mind.

It is also a good idea to take transitional breaks by drinking water at short intervals. Then make notes with highlighting the key points; thus you will not need to remember the lines and also there will be no fear of forgetting them.

Last but not least, keep faith in what you are speaking of. If you are passionate and well informed about your subject, then rest assured you will be able to get across your view to the audience and end up amidst big applause to emerge triumphant as a wonderful speaker. 

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