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Action-Oriented Individuals

Have you ever been around someone that was inclined to take action immediately and always? It can be a great experience but at the same time an embarrassing one.

It’s a great thing because these people have an energy about them. They have an air of making things happen, simply because that’s exactly what they are doing.

They don’t necessarily take action without giving things sufficient thought, but they certainly don’t waste time by postponing the action any longer than they should.

It’s as if these action-oriented individuals have no procrastination filter in place. As if it doesn’t even dawn on them that they could postpone taking action.

They just go ahead as if it were the only logical thing to do. Of course, in many cases that’s exactly what moving into action is the only logical thing to do.

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Yet how many times have you found yourself in a situation where, for some strange reason, you didn’t shift into gear immediately?

Instead, you thought about it for a while and then you decided to make a mental note and pick it up somewhere later in the day or perhaps later in the week. Only to find that whatever it was you intended to do, you never came around to doing it.

Being around an individual that’s action oriented can also be quite embarrassing because it often confronts us with our own habits of procrastinating.

Most of us put off many things for a variety of reasons. Actually the word ‘reason’ isn’t really correct in this context.

The word ‘excuse‘ comes much closer to the truth. Sometimes the excuses are obvious. Making a phone call to someone can be painful if you have to deliver bad news or, perhaps worse, if you expect to be on the receiving end of bad news.

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However many times people tend to put off little things that really aren’t worth fussing over.

Things like setting an appointment with the local car repair shop to get your windshield fixed or cleaning out a desk drawer; actions that would be over and done within a couple of minutes that we sometimes put off for weeks for no apparent reason.

Without getting into any specific actions it can be said that the tendency to take action leads to better results in business and in life in general.

Samuel Golden, a well-known Hollywood motion picture producer stated, “The harder I work, the luckier I get”.

Early in the twentieth century, he was at the cradle of the company that later evolved into Paramount Pictures.

A decade later he joined forces with two other Broadway producers to found the Golden Pictures Corporation.

This company was eventually purchased by Metro Pictures Corporation forming the well-known Metro-Golden-Mayer.

Samuels statement on the correlation between taking action and good fortune sure rang true for him and it still does to this day for many other people.

It just seems that successful people are more inclined to take action. And of course this is no coincidence.

Empirical evidence supports the theory that lady luck really does favor the action-oriented man. The more actions you will undertake the more successes you can expect to encounter.

Of course, you will also encounter your share of so-called failures, but failures are part and parcel of becoming a success.

Anyone that is considered a successful person can tell you that they have undertaken more actions than the average person, probably many more.

But somehow they don’t think of it as a chore. Many of them just do it and as a result of that did they get all the rewards.

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