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Advice And Tips About Family Bike Trips

Most of us love to go for bike trips with family but fear to do so thinking about the dangers involved in bike trips.

For those of you who’d love to go for bike trips with family here are some tips and advice on how to make those trips safe.

a) Always wear a helmet:

Remember to wear a helmet for protecting your head and face. Always use a helmet that meets government standards. Even your child must have a headgear on while going for a short trip.

Have a pair of sports sunglasses on, so that you can prevent your eyes from dust and bugs. Do wear bright, reflective clothing so that the drivers coming from the opposite sides can see you.

Wear padded gloves to protect your hands and also wear padded shorts. Have a comfortable seat so that you don’t suffer from back pains. Children younger than 10 should not ride near traffic.

b) How can I be sure my bike is safe?

Always check that everything on your bicycle is doing fine. Check whether the brakes are fine and there are no loose or broken parts on your bicycle.

Always have reflectors and lights so that your bicycle can be seen by the car drivers.

c) What about child-carrier seats?

You got to be very careful if you have your child on your bicycle. Have a special child seat for him or her.

Ask him/her to wear the helmet. Get the spokes guarded in your bicycle so that the child’s feet don’t get caught in the spokes.

d) For Yourself, Consider a Bike with Flat Handlebars:

When you’re using a child seat or a trailer or trailer cycle for a family bike trip then have flat handlebars in your bicycle.

These higher and wider bars gives you more control and therefore you can easily carry additional weight.

e) Setting some basic rules:  

If your kid moves too much in the seat behind you and you have trouble in controlling the bike then set some basic rules.

Inform the naughty one that he can’t come with you unless he sits quietly. What about trying the age old method of bribery?

Promise him an ice cream or hotdog treat if he follows all the safe biking rules. In trailers however kids can have more freedom like playing cards.

f) Child seat Precautions:

Don’t rely on a kickstand to support your bicycle and your child when using child seats. Its quite a dangerous habit because a kickstand is designed to support only the bikes weight.

It might collapse while taking added weight and cause serious injury. Remove your child from the seat at stops unless you’re holding the bicycle upright.

Remember the weight limit for a child seat is 40 pounds. Therefore consider a trailer or trailer cycle if your child is bigger.

g) Trailer Tips:

When you plan a trip with a trailer then avoid taking the routes, which are too narrow, because of the trailers width.

If you’re not a great cyclist, then don’t dare to go for the hills and headwinds. This is because when you go for using trailer cycle these can pose much bigger challenges.

h) Training Wheels Are Okay:

If you are wondering whether training wheels are good for the kids to learn riding in two-wheeler then the advice is install it properly and see whether the training wheels are sturdy.

Always ensure easy handling and optimum safety.

Follow these advices and go for an enjoyable bike trip with your family.

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