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An Essential Addition To Your Golf Bag: Fairway Woods

When it comes time to work your way along with those long pars, or out of a difficult lie, having a few trusted fairway kinds of wood in your golf bag can be an invaluable asset.

The importance of fairway woods is often misunderstood. That lack of understanding many times results in golfers paying hundreds of dollars for the latest and greatest big head driver that looks great but usually does not help their game to any great extent.

If they spent that money (or usually much less) and bought the correct fairway woods, they would definitely see an improvement in their game.

The name fairway woods can be deceiving. While these woods are typically lofted at fifteen degrees or better, the term ‘fairway woods’ does not dictate that their use is restricted to the fairways.

Instead, the name refers to the group of woods with high loft angles that would typically be used for driving from the fairway.

Actually, their use is often appropriate for tee shots. With the number one and two kinds of wood typically reserved for tee shots, familiar fairway woods for most players include the number three, five, and seven kinds of wood.

The higher loft angles of these woods provide a bit more accuracy than lower-numbered woods, yet can deliver increased distance over irons with a similar loft.

Like all golf clubs, fairway woods can vary in shaft length, composition, head design, and loft. Adding to the choice is the relatively new line of golf clubs that are being developed and sold.

These new breeds of golf clubs are referred to as ‘hybrids’. Coined ‘hybrid’ because they capture the benefits of the long irons combined with the stability and ease of a fairway wood, these clubs have helped to improve the fairway efforts of golfers of all skill levels.

Deciding which fairway woods are right for you depends on your skill level, frequency of play, and, of course, budget. Remember, the most expensive is not always the best.

If you are looking to purchase a new set of fairway woods, consider the features of your existing clubs that you enjoy, stick with what works for you and your game.

Whether you are making a first time purchase or upgrading, many dealers will let you try a demonstration set of clubs before making a decision. This is an invaluable resource not only for deciding upon fairway woods but for the rest of the clubs that will make up your golf bag.

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