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An Introduction To The Zuma Sailboat

If you are in the market for a recreational sailboat, then look no further than Team Vanguards’ most excellent design the Zuma.

From the ocean to your favorite lake, the Zuma is the perfect sized craft for you or you and your friends to head out onto the water in pursuit of a fun-filled day of sailing. 

There is simply nothing as exhilarating in this world as the sound of the wind and water around you as you cut around in the lake, or the ocean in your Zuma sailboat.

Multiply that excitement tenfold when you gather together a group of some friends who also own recreational sailboats as you all fly around the lake or ocean with nothing but the wind and water in your face.

Zuma Sailboat Manufacturers

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Vanguard Sailboats, the company which is responsible for building the amazing Zuma Sailboat, has been around for over fifty years and has shown no signs of slowing down production on its award-winning watercraft.

Their first boat, the Sunfish was noted as one of the Top 25 Best Designed Products in America, a list which also includes such incredible items as the Porsche 911 automobile. 

Thanks to the publicity and high build quality of the Sunfish, it went on to become the best-selling recreational boat in history with over two-hundred and fifty thousand versions sold since 1952. 

After winning a variety of other awards and races, Vanguard boats have recently become the chosen sailboats for use in the Olympic Games and other small boat racing competitions.

With the Zuma Sailboat, owners get all of the rich histories of Vanguard Sailboats in a form that is feasible for most people’s income.

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Unlike some other famous boat manufacturers, the Zuma features all of the impressive build quality that you would come to expect from a world-class boat maker without the high price tag that is usually affiliated with such durability.

The MSRP for this nearly thirteen-foot boat is less than four thousand dollars, making it a real steal considering other offerings.

For most people, the Zuma Sailboat is all they will ever need for fun weekend outings. The seven-foot-long cabin area is the perfect size for two adults and a small group of children, allowing a whole family to enjoy a day out on the waves together.

Furthermore, the Zuma Sailboat is available in a multitude of colors, meaning you will easily be able to find one to fit your lifestyle.

Unlike other recreational sailboats that may prove incredibly difficult to transport from your home to your favorite watery hangout, the Zuma Sailboat travels easily.

With its flat deck and lightweight hull, it only takes one or two strong persons to be able to lift the boat onto and off of the trailer. 

There is plenty of onboard storage so you will not have to worry about losing any valuables, even during a potentially hazardous sailing experience, and the cabin is also self-draining in case any water was to get on the top of the boat.

Furthermore, there are plenty of headroom thanks to the high boom, so even taller people do not have to worry about accidentally whacking their heads on the sail.

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