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Auto Salvage Companies

Auto salvage yards or shops are good mainly for two things:  you can sell your dilapidated or extremely damaged automobile to such shops, and you can also find cheap auto parts and accessories from these auto salvage yards.

Sell Your Car to Auto Salvage Shops

Your neighborhood auto salvage shop is probably going to be more than glad to take your damaged or rundown car off your hands. Certainly, you cannot expect a high price from such a transaction. 

Auto salvage companies mainly buy old or damaged cars not for restoration but for salvaging of auto parts and for junk metal.  Thus, expect to get paid for junk metal, not for a car.

Of course, there is probably more than one auto salvage shop in your area.  You should at least exert effort into canvassing these shops to find out how much they’ll be paying for your car. 

They can probably give you a quote on the telephone.  Of course, consider location in your hunt for the best auto salvage price.  If you’re expected to bring your car to the salvage yard, choose a much nearer location. 

A yard located in the next county may offer you more for your car, but if you need to pay for gas or hauling expenses, then you probably won’t be able to get even one extra dime.

In a nutshell, if you’re going to sell your car to an auto salvage shop, choose the one that could give you the best possible price and the least possible inconvenience.  It would be much better if the auto salvage company can send someone over to pick up the car from your home.

Buy Auto Salvage Parts

Auto salvage companies are also popular sources for usable auto parts. The auto salvage is so named, after all, since it salvages auto parts and accessories that they may be able to sell individually. 

Auto salvage companies sell these parts at relatively cheap prices. 

Thus, if you are in need of auto parts that you can’t afford to buy brand new, you can buy cheap, used auto parts from auto salvage yards.

In some cases, auto salvage companies even sell cars that can be repaired with a little effort on your part. 

For this purpose, they will usually do some minor repairs on some cars that have been brought to their yards and then sell them to people who are willing to restore them fully (or pay a mechanic to get the car repaired completely).

Of course, when buying auto parts or cars that can be rebuilt from auto salvage companies, buy wisely.  Price shouldn’t be the only consideration; make sure that the part you’re buying will give you good value or that the car you’re buying is indeed repairable.

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