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Be The Gutsy Girl

‘I’m not overweight. I’m just nine inches too short’-Shelley Winters.

How many of us who are overweight are able to think about the positive side of life? How many of us can see the cup half full rather than see it half empty? Often I have heard the cry for help.

‘I hate not being able to wear fashionable clothes because they don’t fit’. ‘I hate that I am not comfortable around other people, my clothes do not fit right’.

Well times have changed and we are living in the modern era where all    aspects of life is considered.

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Being overweight, once upon a time was overlooked and neglected. But today all that can be sorted out. Know how to wear the styles right even if your body and mind get a ‘they wouldn’t suit me!’ attack.

Don’t be shy about wearing a particular style it just might look cool on you. Storm into the plus stores and check out the multiple personalities that you can unleash.

You could wear a dress that flows over jeans with flip flops or crystal sandals. Ponchos, Kaftans, or one sleeve tops could just be you.

Get yourself geared up for cocktail lounges, party zones or the breakfast nook.  Pick the vivid colours, exotic prints to compliment your personality.

Fiery reds, majestic blues, electrifying oranges can be brought together to celebrate the richness of colors. Delicate silks and cotton can be stung together by a palette of vibrant hues.

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Here’s how to add a chunk of much needed feminine aura to your body! Just dabble with these chosen styles.

If You Have A Wide Waist

Try a red and blue printed dress with an asymmetric hem for a fun filled evening. Don’t forget to throw in some perky beads to add spice

If You Are Wide On The Hips

Try printed spaghetti in shades of fuchsia, purple and magenta over a pair of Capri in matching colours.

If You Have More Than Required Thigh Flab

A nude laced top over a washed out yellow crinkled tie ‘n’ dye skirt with a white under-layer. A brown leather rose belt adds life to the chosen assemble.

If You Have A Wide Bottom

Try cream cotton off shoulder top over a panelled skirt with lettuce like ruffles and trims Just, dabble with these chosen styles.

Every girl knows that no outfit is complete without the right ad-on. So don’t forget to adorn yourself with the foxiest accessories like bags, jewellery, shoes and watches.

Don’t be just one in the crowd. Establish your uniqueness. Be the gutsy girl and flow with the trend. After all, style is just an image of what you want to be.

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