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Blog Search Engines

Blog search engines are important to both bloggers and blog readers. These search engines work much like regular search engines, but they only index blogs instead of websites, and they only index those blogs when they are pinged or when the blog owner manually submits their blog to the blog search engines.

Blogs get the best of both worlds. Where regular websites can only be listed in regular search engines and directories, blogs can be listed in blog search engines and directories as well as regular search engines and directories.

If you have a public blog for which you want to build a readership, you want to take advantage of both types of listings.

There many search engines and many blog search engines as well. As with regular search engines, some blog search engines are more important than others, meaning that they are used by more people.

Just as there are specialized search engines for websites, there are also specialized blog search engines as well. For instance, if you have a photoblog, you would definitely want to get listed at but if you don’t have a photoblog, you can’t get listed there.

The most important blog search engines to get listed in, and to ping, each time you make an entry to your blog, including Sphere, BlogHop,, Blog wise, Weblogs, Feed Burner, Feedster, Blogdigger, Moreover, News Is Free, Blogs, Syndic8, My Yahoo, Blogrolling, Topic Exchange, Weblogalot, Newsgator, PubSub, Blog Street, and Blog Search Engine. 

While these are the top blog search engines, there are numerous other ones. The more blog search engines you can get listed in, the more popular your blog will become.

There are numerous lists of all of the blog search engines available, for free, on the Internet, and you can find them by doing a search in any search engine for a list of blog search engines.

Blog search engines will also be useful to you when you are looking for blog content. The blogosphere is made up of blogs that connect to each other through Trackbacks.

Therefore, it is important to find blogs that relate to yours, to read them, and to quote them and point them out to your readers often.

It is also a good idea to leave comments on other people’s blogs for added exposure, as long as you have something relevant to say about their blog entry. Again, you can easily find blogs on any imaginable topic through the blog search engines.

Unfortunately, blog search engines are not as particular about what they index and how they rank blogs as regular search engines are. For this reason, when you are searching for quality blogs, you should consider using Sphere at .

Unlike other blog search engines, Sphere analyzes blogs, looking at the structure of links, length of entries, how often the blog is updated, keyword data, and other key data to rank and index blogs. This is definitely one that you want to use and get listed in as well!

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