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Blogging: Solo Or Network?

Blogging is blogging is blogging, right? Well, not necessarily. You see, you can choose to blog alone or to join a blogging network.

If you blog alone, you are a solo blogger, if you join a network, you are a network blogger. Which type of blogger do you prefer to be?

Before you can determine that, you probably need a more in-depth explanation of what solo blogging is and what network blogging is, and to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each type of blogging.

Solo bloggers are exactly that solo. They are not part of a network. They are not being paid by a network to blog.

They are in complete control of their blogs, and they are not censored in any way.

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It is a solo blogger’s job to set up their own blogging account at one of the free services or to set up their blog on their own website. Solo blogging is suitable for all types of bloggers.

A network blogger is a blogger who typically gets paid by the network. Because the network is paying them to blog about a particular topic, the network may also have the right to censor what the blogger is blogging about.

Network blogging is really reserved for professional bloggers that are, bloggers who want to get paid to blog, whether that pay comes from an employer, a network, or through advertisers that they acquire themselves.

One of the biggest advantages of network blogging is that it pays on a regular basis, and you don’t have to sweat the small details all you have to do is blog.

Solo bloggers, on the other hand, not only blog, but they also have to market their blogs, maintain their blog software, and perform other mediocre tasks associated with building a blog readership and producing quality, well-written content.

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If becoming a professional blogger is what you are most interested in, you would do well to start with a network.

This will give you a more immediate income, and you can learn the professional blogging ropes as you go along.

You can always strike out on your own later if you choose to and you can take the readership you’ve built at the network with you when you go.

If you have a lot of time on your hands, you could even be a network blogger and a solo blogger.

Most blogging networks will not prevent you from managing your own solo blog as well. Note that blogging positions at the blogging networks fill up fast.

So, if you are interested in joining one of the networks, you need to get your application in now. It may take a while before you are chosen as a network blogger.

Network blogs include Weblogs, B5 Media, and Creative Weblogging. There are numerous other blog networks, but not all networks pay their bloggers for blogging.

So, if you want to get paid for blogging at one of the networks, make sure that you contact them to find out if they pay or not first.

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