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Blogging Tools

Just as you need tools to build and maintain a website and tools to market a product, you need tools to help you blog more effectively and to make your blog more interactive for your readers.

There are numerous blog tools available that have different uses. You will want to use some, and leave others.

Here is a basic rundown of some popular blog tools.

  1. Sitechecker – a tool that allows you to view statistics for your blog. You can see how many visitors your blog is receiving, and where those visitors are coming from, as well as other useful information.
  1. Death to the stock photo – – A great blog tool that will send you an email with links to high-resolution photos when any of your favorite blogs are updated. This is a great read to use, especially if other people’s blogs are an important source of news for your own blog.
  1. Wix Blog –– a service that allows your readers to subscribe to your blog, and then be notified by email each time you update.
  1. Blog Poll – – A tool that allows you to create and add a poll to your blog, which allows more interaction from your readers.
  1. YouTube – – a place to host and find a video for your blogs or website.
  1. OnlyWire – – A bookmarklet site that allows you to add bookmarks to several social bookmarking sites at one time.
  1. Flickr – – A place to store your images. If you have a hosted blog, you may not have the ability to store images on the server, and a service such as this provides you with a place to do that.
  1. Copyscape – – A useful tool that will check to see if any other website or blog owner has stolen your content. Tools like this make it much harder for plagiarizers.

Again, there are numerous other tools available, but these are some of the best and most widely used.

Be sure to take advantage of these tools, so that you can make your blog the best that it can be, and you can also make your blogging experience easier and more enjoyable.

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