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Blue Slip Blues, And Coming Out Of It

With the world economy changing and companies stressing on cutting their costs, we are seeing massive exercises of restructuring, downsizing, and streamlining of operation from most corporations.

However all this includes a lot of people losing their job. And this has been something very new to the Americans. After the Depression, things have never been like this.

Any person who loses his job feels lump in his throat. That is natural. And it is so hard to negotiate with such a loss.

The degree to which one suffers depends on quite a few factors like the individual’s experience, age, the financial status of the family, and the kind of responsibilities he has.

There are other factors too. Things become extremely difficult for some to handle. It is a cause for shock and trauma. Losing your job is more than just that.

It severely damages the self-confidence and self-identity of many people. It is for the first time that one finds out that he has no use for someone or some organization. May be he had made many a sacrifice for the same firm. But today he is dispensable.

However there are ways one can deal with the loss and re-motivate themselves. Following is just a guideline.

  • – You have to admit that you have suffered a loss and you are hurt because of that. There is no use getting into the denial mode. Don’t let bitterness and frustration get hold of you.

Instead accept what has happened and start to prepare for the future. Many employers would provide you with a transition assistance program. Don’t stay away from it.

It can prove to be helpful. You can always join a support group if you feel the need to. Opening up and socializing alleviates much of the pain. And in case nothing works, then get counseling.

  • – Try and let go of your anger. Consider your loss of job as a past and try and forget about it. Focus on your future. if you suppress your anger it might spill out at moments you least want it to, like in an interview for a new job.
  • – Don’t try to find a reason for your being fired. Try and understand that it is a global phenomenon and many are going through it. You are not unique.
  • So don’t let self-doubt creep in. Instead, focus on your achievements and accomplishments. And give yourself credit for that.
  • – Try and make yourself a better person. Being laid-off allows you to pursue things that you haven’t been able to for some time.
  • Now is the time to read that book you so wanted to, or develop a taste for the classical music which you always planned to but never had the time. These activities will enrich you and the quality of your life would increase.
  • – Having worked for some time now, chances are you know by now what you really want to do. If you had been doing something this long just because you had to do it, now you have the opportunity to do what you want to do. Grab the opportunity.

So it doesn’t make sense to lose heart just because you had to lose your last job. Remember the saying, today is the first day of the rest of your life.

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