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Can Antioxidant Vitamins Reduce The Risk Of Cardiovascular Diseases?

Are you yet thirty five? No matter what the answer is, you better lower your chances of suffering from the world’s leading killer heart disease called the cardio vascular disease.

You may think that heart diseases generally occur to the much elderly persons. But this is not true. It may happen to any one usually starting from the age of thirty five.

Scientists and researchers have proved that vitamins and nutrients play an important role in reducing the chances of developing this disease. So be careful while making your diet chart.

Know the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are necessary for the prevention and cure of the fatal heart disease.

Recent experiments and studies show that anti oxidants have important roles to play in reducing the risks of Cardio Vascular diseases. These anti oxidants include vitamin C or ascorbic acid, vitamin E or a-tocopherol, folate, beta carotene, ubiquinone, bioflavonoids and selenium.

Among these, the water-soluble vitamin is the vitamin C and the fat-soluble vitamins are the vitamin E and beta carotene. Researches say that those who include a greater amount of fruits and green vegetables in their regular diet are less likely to develop cardio vascular diseases and other heart diseases.

The most effective form of vitamin E is a-tocopherol. It is also the most available form of this vitamin. The perioxidation of the polyunsaturated fatty acid in your cell membranes is prevented by the vitamin E.

Good sources for vitamin E are seed oils, meats, fish, fruits and vegetables. On the other hand vitamin C is a plasma anti oxidant. This helps in increasing the cholesterol excretion.

If your body contains an excessive amount of cholesterol, it can increase the risk levels of developing cardiovascular diseases. So at first you need to emit the extra fat of your body.

Thus you need vitamin C. You will find great amounts of vitamin C in the citrus fruits, strawberry, tomatoes, cabbages etc. The citrus fruits include lemons, oranges, grape fruits etc. The citrus fruits are acidic in nature.

They help to detoxify. You can take these fruits also as a precautionary measure against the other forms of heart diseases.

Beta carotene is also an essential ingredient for the prevention of your heart diseases. Beta carotene is carried in plasma and this carotene is known as a precursor of vitamin A. Beta carotene is available in the forms of pills in the market.

Bur they are not good for the smokers. No matter if you are a smoker or a non-smoker, the best source of this anti oxidant can be found in the fruits and vegetables.

Carotenoids can be found in the fruits, vegetables that are yellow or orange like sweet potatoes, carrots and squash etc and also the green vegetables.

So what are you waiting for? If you do not want to face the killer disease ever in your life, improve your diet chart with the addition of these antioxidants that are available in various fruits and vegetables rather than the food supplements.

Making your diet full of citrus fruits will be very good for your health. It will help you not only to reduce the chances of developing heart diseases but also many other diseases.

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