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Creative Freedom: How To Decorate Your Kids Room

Decorating any part of the house can be loads of fun, but when it comes to your kids’ room, there’s a certain freedom to experiment with colors and patterns that you perhaps don’t have with other parts of the house. So you can have even more fun, but before you start, here are our tips on how to decorate your kids’ room.

Before you do anything else, make up your mind that your kids room will have lots of bright colors. Since walls are the best areas in which to display these colors, choose paints that are bold and rich but not gaudy.

Basically, you can treat the walls like a huge canvas on which to create your paintings! You’d be amazed at how a series of stripes here and a new border there can change the look of your kid’s room.

And for the more than ordinarily talented, why not convert one wall into a mural of sunny colors and interesting shapes depending on the age of your child? 

Another area with huge decorating potential is the ceiling, which can be straight out of Hogwarts, Harry Potters magic school.

Remember, the ceiling there reflects the sky outside. While your abilities will obviously not stretch that far, you can always make the ceiling up so that it resembles the star-spangled night sky, with a cheery yellow moon thrown in for special effect!

Now we come to the furniture. Of course, comfort ought to be the top priority here, but the scope for experimenting with colors still exists.

If your child is still at the doll’s houses and plays areas stage, you can create these components from older pieces of furniture that are serving no useful purpose elsewhere in the house.

With teenage children, you can simply reinvent a staid bookcase and make it look like a cool stack of shelves at the supermarket that can hold books, music systems, and personal items like photo frames and memorabilia.

Additionally, use inflatable cushions and pillows to create a comfortable area where your child and her friends can sit and read, chat, or watch TV.

With doors, the emphasis should be on personalization. Wooden letters or plaques that spell your child’s name are a great hit with kids of all ages.

You can color coordinate these nameplates to match the d├ęcor of your kid’s room. Similarly, for closet doors, stick to the general theme of the room and leave space for a favorite cartoon character or baseball hero.

Accessorize your kids room with such items as cork boards, which not only look cool and funky but also help cover unsightly gaps or scars on the walls, and trendy picture frames and posters.

The shelves can hold assorted knick-knacks such as photo frames, a few small childhood toys, and any other items of interest. For the bed, use linen that matches the general tone of the room and avoid clumsy patterns.

Above all, involve your child in everything that you do. You will never learn how to decorate your kid’s room if you don’t consult her beforehand. Particularly if your child is a teenager, her likes and dislikes may vary strongly from yours, so don’t end up with a room that neither of you likes!

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