‘Daniel X: Watch The Skies’ By James Patterson And Ned Rust


‘Daniel X: Watch the Skies’ by James Patterson and Ned Rust

Book released: 27 July 2009

The number one bestselling author James Patterson returns with this second book from his new series, aimed at a teenage public.

With this new series, Patterson has proved to be an ace amongst American writers, managing to capture the full attention of the teenage readers re-awakening their interest for book reading.

Daniel X is a teenage boy with incredible supernatural powers, which help him destroy evil monsters and aliens who are out to kill all humans on Earth.

All is calm in Holliswood, your typical small American town; the families are comfortably seated in their houses after a full day’s work enjoying the warmth of their snug homes.

What they do not know yet is that there is a terrifying outlaw who has just arrived in town, and is planning to create panic and chaos right in their little quiet town.

His intentions are evil, for he wants to film the pandemonium that will result from the havoc he will create, then send the video back for his fellow thugs to see and amuse themselves with.

There is only one person who can stop this destruction and that is Daniel X, he only can stop the massacre and destroy the outlaw.

Daniel X assembles a team of his creation composed of people with superpowers, although he underestimates the powers of his adversary.

With this book, Patterson lays out an intriguing and exciting plot making it another hit amongst his many first-rate novels of the past.

Although Patterson is not a literary master this book is entertaining not only for teenagers but for adults too.

With his superhero, Patterson provides enthralling adventures featuring aliens with evil powers battling against the good.

The novel is sprinkled with electrifying effects that keep the story at a fast pace rendering it dynamic and fascinating.

The character of Daniel X is your typical hero with a sad past, which will recall Harry Potters’s destiny, his parents being killed by aliens, the boy grows up on his own and finds out he has special powers he can use to save the Earth.

Although the portrait of Daniel X is recurrent the adventures are hair-raising and teenagers will plunge deep into this fantastic novel.