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Discover 12 fat loss steps at Middle Age for getting your body reshaped

Most middle-aged tends to add weight despite efforts to maintain a normal weight. It is natural because, at that age, their body metabolism slows down.

No matter the amount of weight gained, making adjustments and efforts can help you lose fat. Continue reading to discover ways to get your body reshaped.

  1. Go for strength training

Strength training exercise provides the energy needed by the body for building muscle and burning calories. These muscles when built helps reshape your body a great deal.

People in middle age experience body muscle mass reduction, but strength training helps improve it. Strength training exercises generally helps in improving muscle strength.

Strength training exercises include weightlifting, boxing, and lots more. All of these increase the muscle size and strength boosts metabolism and burns fat.

Most often all we need is encouragement and motivation from our loved ones to maintain our schedules. Such schedules could be exercise routines or diet plans. When working with persons having similar interests with you, you tend to be more productive.

Working out with a buddy makes you more committed and makes exercising fun. It also helps you achieve more in less time.

  1. Walk more and sit less

As earlier said, at middle age the body gets weak and you always find the urge to sit down. To be able to lose fat and have the best shape, walk more. As you walk, you burn more calories but sitting down often stores up fat.

Ensure that throughout your day, you don’t sit in one place. If your work requires a steady sitting down, ensure you walk around most often to stay active. Being active helps you lose weight and have a superb shape.

  1. Eat enough healthy protein

Having an increased protein intake helps lose weight and improves middle age-related muscle loss. Protein makes one full because it takes time to digest. Within the period of your protein consumption, you won’t have much appetite for food.

The result of it all is that you will reduce your calorie intake and lose weight because you will continually feel full.

Middle-age adults need protein in a large amount for a good weight. Some of the healthy proteins include black beans, legumes, eggs, lean meats and more.

  1. Prepare your food

Preparing your own meal helps you consume the right amount of calories for a healthy weight. It makes you stay away from vending machine products which are threats to fat loss.

Most of these fast food meals are packed with ingredients that fattens. Cooking your meal helps you keep track of exactly what goes into your mouth.

It offers you the opportunity of trying new recipes for your weight loss plans. The most amazing point is that it is cheap. Yes, cooking your meal is economical and utterly healthy.

If you find it difficult preparing your meal, cook once a week. Increase your cooking to two times a week. Before you know it, you’re already cooking and eating at home.

  1. Take more of vegetable and fruit

Green leafy vegetables are the best to be taken for weight loss. They are packed with nutrients that have many health and weight loss benefits.

You can enjoy your vegetables in so many ways. You can either toss some in your omelet or make a vegetable salad. You can get a wide variety of green leafy vegetables and blend into a smoothie. You can as well snack on them.

It is best to eat vegetables raw. So, whichever method you choose, ensure you are not cooking to destroy the nutrients.

As for fruits, they’re usually sugary and sugar is one of the agents of weight gain. The best kinds of fruits to take are those with low sugar.

Tropical fruits are known to be very sugary and therefore, should be avoided. You can take green apples, melons, kiwifruit, berries, grapefruit, stone fruit, oranges, bananas, and more.

You can have 6 servings or more of fruits and vegetables daily for better results.

  1. Get a personal trainer

Those starting up their exercise sessions are advised they seek help from personal trainers. A personal trainer will see you through the best of exercises for your weight loss.

They will drill you through what to do to avoid injury. They serve as a motivation to encourage you to work out the more. They help you keep record of your weight loss progress and keep you focused.

  1. Don’t eat many calories at night

Generally, persons desiring to lose weight are advised to consume more during breakfast and lunch. Afterward, their dinner should be light.

Having a lot of food at night is the easiest way of gaining fat. After your dinner, you tend to go to sleep and the food will find it difficult to digest. This may cause too much stomach fat, diabetes, blood sugar increase, stroke, and heart disease.

Eat fewer calories at night so that they can digest and function properly for weight loss.

  1. Drink more water

Most often, when we feel hungry, it’s probably not because of food but for water. Water helps a great deal for weight loss.

Startup your day by drinking water first thing in the morning. Also, before you eat either of your meals, drink water 20 minutes earlier. This will make you become full in no time.

Water flushes out those toxins that pile up in the body causing too much fat. It helps you stay active even when not eating much.

Make water your best drink and avoid beverages that are packed with sugar. It is recommended that you take 2 liters of water daily.

  1. Have a quality sleep

Most times after workouts and other weight-loss strategies, people discover they haven’t lost weight. The cause might be not getting enough sleep.

Middle-aged desiring weight loss is advised to have 7 hours of night sleep daily. Not having enough sleep causes weight gain. If you have been awake for a long time, you will always feel hungry.

To be able to fall asleep, ensure you turn off the light in the room. You should also avoid playing video games or watching television close to bedtime. More so, reduce your caffeine intake in the night as this may keep you awake.

  1. Consider taking supplements

Age comes with its many effects. As we age, our body tends to slow down in absorbing certain nutrients. It is because of this reason that it is advised that supplements be taken.

These supplements give the body the required nutrient for proper functioning. They substitute those nutrients the body couldn’t absorb because of age.

The best kinds of supplements to be taken are vitamin B complex and folic acid. They are excellent for the production of energy.

  1. Measure your body fat percentage

It is really good to know what area of fat you are planning on loosing. Begin by measuring obvious body areas and ensure you’re losing fat, not muscle.

You can measure your chest, calves, thighs, biceps, and waist. After measuring them, pick exercises that help you lose fat and build up those muscles.

As you exercise, go back to measure once in a while to determine your progress.

  1. Pick exercises that you enjoy

To be able to last long in exercises, it is good that you choose the exercise that you love. You must have tried out numerous weight loss exercises.

Doing the exercise that you love will help you last longer in your training. If you love group exercises, football or other group exercises would be better. If on the other hand, if you enjoy exercising alone, you can walk or run.


Trying to lose weight does not come too quickly. So, you have to be patient to see the results of your hard work. You should always bear in mind that you are entitled to the kind of shape you want for your body.

You can look your best but you only have to work it out. Follow the tips above to have the best shape even at middle age.

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