Do You Know About Nutrition?

Do You Know About Nutrition
Do You Know About Nutrition

Two out of every three deaths can be traced to nutrition-related causes, dietary deficiencies, and overweight conditions.

The most prominent causes of death in Western society are heart attack, stroke, and cancer.

Other health problems are diabetes, osteoporosis, fatigue, digestive problems, stress, headaches, and obesity. All of these are based on nutrition.

Over two million premature deaths each year are due to nutrition-related diseases with over 70% of premature deaths and doctor visits being diet and nutrition-related.

Some of the problems in diets are deficiencies in fiber, vitamins and minerals, and trace elements, as well as excesses in total/animal fat, total calories. salt and sugar.

The body needs cellular nutrition to be healthy. Within the body, the 80 – 100 trillion cells, need protein, minerals, oxygen, and water to live properly.

Both health and disease begin with the cell. The cells are the living units that create life. We need our cells to grow, reproduce, detoxify, and function.

If you don’t get key nutrition, the cell begins to break down. When enough cells break down, you start to feel the symptoms, and if enough breakdown, it can lead to death.

What keeps cells from getting good nutrition?

A certain amount of the problem can be traced to the way food is grown and harvested.

Chemicals, fertilizers, over-processing/over refining of foods- e.g. instant foods, high fat/sugar foods, foods that have been processed to make them tastier, have a longer shelf life, etc. all contribute to extra calories, salt, and sugar and destroy vitamins and minerals.

Did you realize that you would have to eat 4 bowls of spinach today, to match the iron from 1 bowl in 1930? This shows conclusively that our soils are being depleted.

We also keep our cells from getting good nutrition by the way we prepare our foods. We tend to overcook foods, thus taking away the minerals, vitamins, and essential oils, robbing our bodies of the things that we need for proper health.

Sixty percent (60%) of Western culture choose to eat junk food, which is high in fat, sugar, salt, and calories.

It is almost devoid of any nutritional value. It is already a disaster before it even gets to your mouth.

Food needs to be digested, broken down into a useful micro-nutrient form, and absorbed by the intestine before any of the nutrition gets to the cells.