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Dog Training Tips And Techniques

Along with the joy of getting a new dog comes a lot of responsibilities. Of course, you must feed your new pet, take care of its health, groom him, and give it lots of love and attention.

Many animal lovers do not think any further than that, but discipline is also a very important part of owning dogs.

Behavior Problems

Proper discipline can help prevent dog behavior problems later in your pet’s life. Housebreaking is the most common form of training, but a caring owner will often go a lot further than the basics.

Your pet’s obedience will lead to a stronger bond between you, as well as meaningless frustration and annoyance.

Your pets start learning and shaping behaviors early in life, so that is the best time to start with dog training basics.

Obedience Training

There are many aspects to dog obedience training, and not everyone looks to get the same experience out of it.

Some people will be content with housebreaking, leash training, and basic obedience to a simple command.

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Many dog owners do not realize that they can change or prevent problem behaviors such as barking, whining, digging, growling, chewing, and aggression.

Yet all these behaviors can be addressed with proper teaching. Decide what tutelage is most important for you and your pet, and make sure you are willing to invest the time and energy into a program that will yield the desired results.

Puppy Training

You can never start too early with puppy training. Many people hold the mistaken belief that puppies under six months are too young to train, but this is simply not so.

You can start shaping their behavior the moment you acquire them if it is done in the proper manner.

If you do some research, it is easy to find plenty of dog training books, websites about pet training, and obedience training tutorials.

Some people may even consider hiring a professional instructor. Ask your veterinarian or friends if they know of any reputable trainers in the area, and shop around for the person who is right for you.

Professional Trainers

If you decide to use a professional trainer, be sure you keep the breed of your dog in mind when shopping around.

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Some breeds may be harder to train than others, so some trainers may prefer not to work with them.

Alternatively, some trainers may specialize in certain breeds, so they will have more success with your pet than another trainer may have.

Even if you are teaching your pet yourself, there are books and information geared toward certain breeds.

Do not get discouraged if you are told your breed is hard to train, just look for proven methods to use. The hardest work always yields the greatest rewards.

Owning a pet is a big responsibility, but the right attitude can make it fun and rewarding. Do not think of your canine companion as an object for your amusement, but as a living creature that can become a treasured friend.

Dogs are motivated by their owner’s pleasure, so if you work together, the dog training process will be an important step in your relationship.

You will learn to trust one another, which will allow you to enjoy the pleasure of each other’s company. Teach your dog what you want and expect from him, and he will give you that and more in return.

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