eBay – Inquiring Minds Want To Know

eBay - Inquiring Minds Want To Know
eBay - Inquiring Minds Want To Know

Today, more and more people are gradually opting for eBay as an alternative market site for their items. And the more people try on selling their products on eBay, the more they conclude that eBay is the best market site to sell products online.

So, for people who want to know why eBay had fast become one of the best websites for selling items, here are some reasons online shoppers need to know:

1. It is not just a marketing website; it acts like a “virtual” garage sale as well.

Usually, a marketing website caters to people who need to sell their products. But most of these marketing websites only allow people who are really into business and that the products they offer should be of high quality.

However, eBay does it differently. It acts like a virtual garage sale, in which, a seller can still sell items that are already old. And so, ordinary people who wanted to make a profit out of some old item that still has value or those who want to simply get rid of it, eBay is the only site that can provide such service.

2. eBay builds the seller’s character.

There are features on eBay that serve as ways for sellers to build integrity at the same time establish rapport.

The “seller’s feedback” section and the “ask a seller question” tab create a solid foundation based on trust among the eBay members. In this way, the buyer gets the feeling of security while doing transactions with the seller. Just the same, the seller’s reputation is solidly established.

3. It offers a low investment.

For those who really want to make a business out of selling on eBay, they are guaranteed a low investment capital. Actually, there is no capital that has to be paid. It’s the selling fees that only need to be accomplished by the seller. If compared to charges of other marketing websites, eBay’s selling fees are relatively lower.

4. The selling process on eBay is a lot simpler.

eBay does not require sellers’ additional requirements like trade name, domain name, or any other pertinent documents being asked by other marketing websites. The only thing eBay requires a seller to do before posting an item is to create an account, after which, he or she can already start posting the items to be sold.

5. It has an “autoresponder” system.

This means that the seller does not have to stay online most of the time just to get hold of any response from the buyers. eBay eliminates the hard-selling type of sale.

What are some of the pros and cons of using eBay?

In today’s fast-changing world of e-commerce like eBay, people find shopping online the most convenient way of purchasing items. The fact that a person doesn’t even have to drive to and from the store is exhilarating enough.

To date, eBay is the most celebrated and the most world-renowned online mall today.

However, there are advantages as well as disadvantages when buying on eBay. So, it’s important for shoppers out there to take note of these facts before buying items on eBay.


1. It’s relatively simple and within reach.

Why? Because eBay makes one’s shopping spree just a click away.

2. Great access.

With eBay, buying items had never been this varied.

3. It’s twice as fun.

With colorful graphics, unusual items, and weird but quirky listings, entertainment is just around the corner.

4. A viable online price indicator.

Buying on eBay can give a shopper insight and update on the present price of certain commodities these days.

5. Money-back possibility.

Most often than not, there’s a higher chance of getting back the buyer’s money if things slipped up.


1. “In good condition” not guaranteed.

There may be a lot of sellers who use the words “in good condition,” but because the buyer cannot visually and personally examine the item before purchasing it, most often than not, the items sold were definitely not scratch-free.

2. Additional postal fees.

The common delivery method of items bought by the buyer is through the mail; additional charges screw up thereby adding hefty charges just for the delivery alone, plus most transactions are on an international basis, so international rates apply.

3. Lack of human touch.

There are people who still prefer to go to the mall not just because they want to go shopping but also they want to tag their friends along, have coffee breaks, and chat along the way.

Buying on eBay may provide an interactive model of shopping but it’s not a form of socialization.

4. Too risky.

If the Internet is a jungle, then there might be big bad wolves lurking on eBay ready to gobble probable victims. These refer to scams, frauds, and identity theft.

5. A form of enslavement.

Once hooked, shoppers will never get the hang of it. There were cases wherein people buy things on eBay almost every day. After all, with the convenience of online shopping and credit cards give, who wouldn’t?

Just like any financial decision, it still pays for shoppers to contemplate first on things before jumping into conclusions.