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Follow Proper Dress Code For Public Speaking

No matter whatever profession you are currently pursuing, public speaking becomes an integral part of your job when you start climbing on the ladder of success.

Public speaking is nothing but another mode of communicating your message to a group of people and your objective is to persuade the audience to subscribe to your views.

As you climb the corporate ladder, it also becomes your responsibility to inform the concerned people on certain important points or decisions of your organization.

The essential quality of a good speaker is that he is always clear-cut in his points and he is able to win support of his audience for his causes.

He is inspiring; at the same time he is also persuasive. But do we always come across this perfection in the speakers?

Often we confront the speakers who are not only boring but also confusing. Now they do not always have problems in their speeches. It is how they come across that baffle the audience.

Imagine yourself heading to a seminar for listening to a inspirational talk and you find the speaker who is shabbily dressed and uncertain about his body language.

The person as a speaker has little credibility as there is no consistency between what he is speaking and how he appears before the public.

If you aspire to become a excellent public speaker one day just place yourself in the roles of the audiences.

As an audience member would you feel eager to listen to a person who is badly or oddly dressed or does not look fir for the occasion?

No, the audience will connect to you easily when they feel comfortable about you and if they are made confused by your outer appearance it will be hard to convince them that what you are trying to convey is for their benefit. The reason is that the speaker does not look convincing himself.

So, in order to appear as honest and caring you have to look perfect and for that it is important that you dress properly at the time of delivering a speech.

Your style of presentation is as important as the content of your speech is. Alongside a well-structured speech, you should come with impeccable attire and a body language that carries the attire in a proper way.

In the absence of a presentable get up the whole purpose of your speech may be lost half way. Before opting for any kind of attire you should be careful enough that the attire seems fit in the type of the audience before which you are going to deliver your speech.

Choosing the perfect attire is not always easy as the type of the audience character change with occasions.

The dress should be different when you have been invited to speak something at a wedding party and when you are speaking before a group of professionals in a corporate seminar.

You should be cautious that you do not confuse your audience with the type of your dress. In fact experience becomes the best teacher in this respect.

As you mature as a public speaker you will automatically learn what should be the best attire for specific events. Try to learn it in the reactions of the audience.

As a general rule choose your dress according to the type of audience, the event and the purpose.

The public speaking after everything is an act of persuasion of the audience to a definite direction and if you confuse the audience by improper dressing, your chances are lost to convincing your audience, whatever may be the merit of your point.

Imagine yourself making a presentation before a group of professionals in their mid career who generally tend to become a bit conservative in this phase of their lives, in a vibrant T- shirt and jeans you will never be able to get the message across as the audience will not connect to you or they will feel comfortable about you as you do not seem to belong to their way of the world.

The same way if you appear before a group of gregarious elementary school children in a boring, gray suit, you will not be able to communicate with them as in this kind of dress you will look extremely unapproachable to them.

So, consider your audience before choosing the attire. Dress comfortably but without looking overdressed. And also remember, making a fashion statement does not fall in the duty of a public speaker.

Choose something that gives you utmost comfort, at the same time the audience also feels comfortable from looking at you.

Generally, avoid too bright color that may distract the attention of even the most sincere listener.

The dresses with psychedelic patterns also make your audience drift away from the topic. Stick to the pastel shades of blue, green and gray.

A same color dress may look too boring to you, but rest assured they are the best option to grab the attention of your audience to what you are talking.

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