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Freud Vs. Friedan: Blah Blah Blah!!

Freud vs. Friedan: Blah Blah Blah!!

Just do what you want

Two of my favorite philosophers/sexists are Sigmund Freud, father of Psychology and Betty Friedan, Mother of feminism.

Now, Freud may have revolutionized mans thinking, but he was just a man and Betty might have attempted to undermine Freud, but all she really did was agree with him.

Don’t get me wrong, both these individuals made great contributions to both literature and history with their ground breaking publications. Freud suggested, fallaciously arrived at conclusions in my view, that women are merely as animals to rear children and indulge men’s sexual fantasies.

He further suggested the penis envy concept, which will have nothing to do with what I am writing, save to indulge in my absolute quirk of mentioning the word penis.

One thing you need to understand about Freud is that though his findings revolutionized psychology and freed man from his ignorance about his consciousness, when it came to Penis envy and sexual neurosis, his case study were obviously demented people in Vienna who had nothing else to worry about and needed to blame sex for their depressions and problems.

It is like wine that is suggested to be drank at room temperature yes, they mean Englands room temperature which is about 60 degrees maybe, now if you like to drink wine at our (Belize) room temperature when its 90 degrees, then you go right ahead, I am not following you and I’m not with Freud.

Betty in her book THE FEMININE MYSTIQUE, on the other hand, very subtly suggested that women gratify their basic need to grow and fulfill their potentialities as human beings, a need which is not solely defined by their sexual role.

Yet, feminism to some extent, advocates women getting careers, being super mother, being sexually liberated from taboos and such. Now, when you look at it, isn’t that exactly what today’s men want? A financially independent woman with a male domination sex fetish?

Doesn’t it leave men doing exactly what they like doing; having sex playing games and doing less work? You see, I told you, they are cosmically paradoxical, and in almost perfect agreement.

Hence, I suggest, that you follow your own desires to the point of satisfaction. (Note: not the point of elusive happiness) and be cognizant of the inevitable reward or consequences. For instance, infidelity may fill some void of loneliness and neglect, but it savors of bitterness and regret.

Excessive indulgence in eating too may satisfy some need, but it may also give you diarrhea. Okay, there are more consequences than rewards.

So, brush aside what Freud and Freidan suggest and never take their words at face value, always look to yourself for the ultimate choices in what you need to do, whether it is loving or spiting your husband, spoiling your children or letting them grow with independence, having a job or staying or home.

Throw away the philosophy that the basis of women’s problems is sexual repression. Today’s women are anything but sexually repressed, they have sex as much as men do, and yet the problems of then are still present. Feelings of emptiness, meaningless and inadequacy are still around.

So then, we are safer in blaming our menstrual cycle and hormones, than we are in blaming sex or rather the lack thereof. So my dear lady, follow your own philosophy and do not worry about how selfish this advice sounds. The only unselfish thing someone can do is letting people take advantage of her, do you want to do that?

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