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The natural resources of the earth are running on low as we as a nation and across the world continue to use oils and fossil fuels more and more every day.

In using additional fuels every day we are depleting the earth of everything that it has been accumulating over the millions of years and we are going to be left looking for alternative fuels.

A fuel resource center has been created by the federal government and heads research and investigations in fuel resource alternatives such as solar power, electric power, and bio-diesels, and oils that are not fossil fuels.

A fuel resource that has come to the attention of many people is the use of electricity. With the use of electricity and with the use of batteries one can ride for hours, and spend a lot less money on traveling, getting to work and just getting to town.

Electricity and the use of batteries are going to change how the world looks at gas and looks at oil overall. Electricity can not only replace the need for gas and oil in a car, or truck, but also in tractors, bike, go-carts, scooters, mowers, and golf carts among so many others.

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The use of electricity can also be seen in the manufacturing setting where gasoline is going to be phased out as the resources of the earth dwindle and the prices for oil and gas continue to rise.

Fuels resources must be found in our own country to lessen our need for reliance on other countries. As other countries have control of oil and gas, we are left to pay those high prices.

Self-reliance is going to play a major part in success and thriving business in the future. Fuel can be found in electricity, in the wind, in solar power, and in the vegetables, plants, and in what farmers are growing every day. Harnessing and using these types of renewable fuels is going to be a key in our success for finding and using alternative fuels in the future.

What will be the benefits of finding and using alternative fuels?

A fuel resource such as electricity is going to be renewable. All you would have to do is plug in your car or truck and recharge your car. You control how much you use and when you use it. Electric cars have no pollution emitted into the air, and it is a very reliable source of energy.

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Electricity can be created by wind, solar, and by harnessing the power in the water. Electricity does not use the resources of the earth and the atmosphere causing harm or pollutants as other types of energies can.

Yes there are electricity plants now that rely on coal, oil and the use of other types of fossil fuels, but these too will have to change, to create and rely on other types of fuels for the future.

Fuel resources are also found in mixing oils, vegetable oils, with diesel to create a bio-diesel. This is going to be a fuel resource that is going to prolong the use of gas and oils but also in a method that is going to save the end user money. Creating blend is already in the process and is being used around the nation and around the world.

There are also bio-diesels that are using less and less amount of gas and diesel so the cost is lower, the emissions are lower, and the fuel resource questions are beginning to be answered.

Fuel resource centers are set up on the federal and the state levels, giving information, grants, and resources to those individuals and businesses who are interested in not only saving money but also who are interested in testing the many types of fuel resources that are being investigated.

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