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Getting The Right Job: Personality Preferences

Many of us are so keen on getting a job that we forget to see whether the job profile would suit my likes and dislikes.

And the result is that quite a few of us land up taking jobs that are in no way complementary to our personality.

However, with a little more effort we can avoid such a problem. Before starting to look for a job we should properly do a self-assessment while taking into consideration the skills and abilities we have.

From this, you can narrow down the list of jobs that will fit your personality. Such streamlining also helps you to narrow down your search options and thus reduce the time you spend on searching.

Stress on Your Work Personality

When you are going to narrow down your choices for the kind of job you would like to do, you need to have a clear idea as to the kind of place you would feel comfortable working in.

As no one would know you better than you yourself, try and examine critically what are the things you look for in a job.

Would you prefer to work alone or in small groups? Or are you comfortable working in large groups? Would you prefer to work indoors, or are you more comfortable beyond the office walls?

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Make sure that you write down your answers on a small piece of paper so that you can have an assessment of the whole thing when you are finished. However, in any such procedure, you have to be honest with yourself.

Personality Assessment Test

If you are not too sure about your own assessment then you can always fall back on help from others.

There are numerous websites that will offer you personality assessment tests. Some of them are very detailed and are really helpful.

They would even list the jobs they think is suited for you. You can pick from those. However such tests are not always 100% accurate and some margins of error may creep in.

You can also try visiting a counselor who can offer you help. Since you are directly interacting with him he can have a more accurate opinion about you.

He will also be able to narrow down your list of job profiles by considering your past experience and achievements. Many of them may also ask you to take psychometric tests to assess your personality.

Learn more about the jobs

Once you have narrowed down your choices, you should next read any relevant literature you have about those specific work areas.

There are generally several books available about most professions, written by the experts. Such books would give you a more thorough insight into what actually to expect from specific jobs.

Don’t just go by the job title

 Companies often use alluring titles to get unsuspecting employees. But before you apply for a particular job, and more importantly before you accept any offer, make sure you know exactly what your job responsibility is.

A job title may often be misleading. If a company doesn’t provide the job description in the advertisement, ask them for it.

There are always jobs which can be the one you are looking for. But to get that job, first, you need to know, then you need that job, eliminate other jobs, and finally apply for the job. It may be a bit of an effort. But it’s worth it.

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