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Hints To Having A Happy Boss

Most employees crib about their workplace and the one reason they find their office like hell is because of their boss.

Although in certain cases their claims are justified when we have too authoritarian and controlling bosses, but in most cases they would have had their boss come across as a better person only if they had taken care to see that he is happy and impressed.

The following are a few basic things you can do to so that you have a better boss.

  1. 1. Many bosses lose their cool answering silly questions from their employees.

More often than not he has nothing more to offer than what the employee had in his mind. Remember that your boss has many things in his mind.

So, don’t bother him about things which he doesn’t have to address. You should know your work and be good enough to solve most of the problems that come your way.

In case of genuine problems you can approach your boss, and this time he will be ready to guide you as he knows you will only come to him when it is absolutely necessary.

  • 2. Even if you have a problem, think over it for at least some time and try to come up with solutions.

If you are not completely sure about the solution, then only consult with your boss. Let him know you have thought about the problem and offer the solution you have in mind. He can fine-tune it or offer a new solution.

  • 3. Bosses expect you to own responsibilities.

However they don’t need your apologies. Try and convince him that you were working with the best interests of the organization in your mind, and from the next time you would try and do better.

  • 4. Never act spontaneously out of anger or frustration.

Give yourself some time and try to calm your nerves. If you have had a correspondence from your boss blaming you for something, don’t just shoot off your reply.

Sooth your nerves and pick your language carefully. Don’t get too emotional.

  • 5. If you are offered new responsibilities, try and accept them if possible.

If you have to put in that extra bit for a day or two, don’t grumble. If you are ready to learn new things and help your team to achieve better results, your efforts will be appreciated in course of time.

  • 6. Keep the door of communication open.

If you think you need to thank your boss for standing by you during the presentation, then feel free and send him an email. You are sure to get into his notice.

Such feedback is appreciated and you will be able to improve the working relationship between the two of you.

  • 7. At times you may be in a foul mood and you can show your frustration.

But this shouldn’t be regular. A person who is always complaining isn’t that good for the office atmosphere. That would get you into the bad books of your boss.

  • 8. In case you come up with an idea or solution which your boss approves, waste no time and get down to working with it.

Show that you are keen about your ideas and you want to get results. You being proactive would definitely make you one of your boss’s favorites.

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