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How Can Biodynamic Agriculture Help Us For The Future?

Biodynamic agriculture started far back in the late twenties when a group of practicing farmers started alerting the people concerned with agriculture practices that the soil thus the livestock were suffering from impoverishment and the decline of the soil.

Thus the need for the integration of biodynamic agriculture to re-establish the soil’s natural mineral content and qualities for better produce.

The fundamentals of the principles of biodynamic farming and gardening were established in order to re-generate our soil and the ecology of the organisms on the earth.

Fortunately, nowadays these principles of biodynamic agriculture are being implemented in many parts of the world.

Since the early forties the health of the soil, thus the produce and livestock have been gleaning all the advantages from the regeneration of the soil as well as new modern farming approaches and techniques.

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But what is the difference between biodynamic farming and the traditional forms of working the soil and bringing up livestock?

It basically lies in how one looks at the soil and farm. Biodynamic agriculture aims at preserving the soil and the essential organisms that live within it.

The soil is the center point of farming and its richness must be preserved to provide quality to produce.

The soil must be protected from erosion and its humus and mineral content must be preserved.

With a finer soil structure that contains essential organic colloids the crops produce will result in high-quality products and better food for us and the livestock.

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To maintain the humus content sufficient organic manure and compost must be supplied to the soil in order for it to ferment properly.

Ideally, proper crop rotation must be implemented and it must be as diversified as possible in order to give the soil time to regenerate.

Protection against damaging elements must also be applied, such as wind and cold, by using cover crops and green manure.

The most important fertilizers remain the natural ones, namely farm manure and compost for these contain the organic matter the soil bacteria and earthworms use to feed and in turn revitalize the soil.

These elements also contain colloids that help absorb moisture that will avoid all risks or erosion.

Biodynamic compost preparations are essential for a good approach to a natural diversification.

They include herbs that have medicinal properties and have gone through a natural process of fermentation and are now rich in substances that will stimulate growth in crops.

The proper enriching of the soil along with the consistent working of the earth when plowing and harrowing will maximize the richness of the soil and the turnover of the crop in order to benefit fully from our land in the years to come.

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