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How Effective Can Indoor Billboard Advertising Be For Your Business?

Before you know if indoor billboard advertising is the solution for your business you must know exactly what it involves.

This marketing strategy is all about placing billboards in confined spaces such as health clubs, bars, restaurants, and shopping centers.

Top reasons why indoor billboard advertising is so effective:

–         You are targeting potential customers in areas where people with higher incomes are likely to pass. You focus your indoor advertising in those places where people spend money.

–         You can create eye catching and attractive designed billboards. In restaurants and club people may feel bored, so if you catch their attention with a well designed advertisement and striking message you will be rewarded.

–         With indoor billboards you have more time to pass your promotional message to potential clients as opposed to outdoor advertising.

Take advantage of the estimated 2 minutes you have to attract their attention, which is better than just 15 to 30 seconds of outdoor billboards offer.

–         Indoor advertising with billboards offers better returns for your investments in advertising. Some studies have demonstrated that with every dollar spent in indoor advertising you have an eight-fold return.

–         Indoor advertising with billboards is at the same time an old form of advertising and an innovative one.

Try and find something different from what the competition proposes, indoor billboard advertising offers you this opportunity.

–         Indoor advertising is immune to customer avoidance as opposed to many other forms of advertising you can hear over the radio, where people simply change channel and with direct mailing, where people throw away the letters without even opening them.

Indoor billboards are there for all to see, the more attractive and eye-catching they are the more a potential customer is likely to become a faithful client.

–         Surveys have been carried out proving that the recall rate is around 70 %. This means that people remember the advertisements on the billboards at a very high rate. With other forms of advertising the recall rate is much lower.

–         It is very simple to come to terms with indoor advertising as contracts usually run on a three months basis and they come with numerous mediums you can choose from and a widespread advertising campaign option.

You can easily track your advertising feedback with a simple metric. You can ask people how they heard about your company and offer special gifts or discount only on the indoor billboards, so you can gauge where the traffic is coming from.

–         Indoor billboard advertising is very effective as many studies have proven the reliability of this method of advertising and profitability.

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