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How Should Women Cope With Stress

Domestic responsibility, parenting a child, demanding work life, and menopause are few of the many causes of stress in women. This is not surprising. A woman is loaded with responsibilities.

The grocery items are to be bought, the child is to be picked up from school and helped with home work, cooking and cleaning has to be done on time and to everyone’s liking — the list goes on and on.

There are days when the chores do not seem to end. Boredom and frustration sets in. You start feeling angry at yourself though you are not sure why.

To avoid being stressed out try to do everything in an organized manner. Prepare a list of all the things that need to be finished. It is best to list them according to their importance.

Make it a habit to tick off the items once they are completed. You will feel a sense of satisfaction every time you tick things off your list. 

When going out to buy something take your friend along. It can turn into a pleasant outing. Finish some of the tasks in the night itself so that you do not feel the morning pressure.

For instance, pack the lunchboxes in the night and store them in the fridge. Iron the clothes beforehand and get the school bag packed before bedtime. All these steps will reduce stress considerably.

Keep yourself healthy. You will find it more stressful to handle problems if you constantly feel under the weather. Join a health class to keep yourself fit. You will also feel years younger, and this will keep you going.

Working women have to face added stress since they have to manage their homes as well as their professional careers. With no support or little support rendered from your spouse or family members managing things can become difficult.

It can turn out to be a reason for strains in relationships both at the personal and the professional level.

Increased workload and working hours can stress you out completely. Feelings of anger, frustration, and depression can set in. A burnout also cannot be ruled out. You need to be calm and focused.

If your professional career is eating into your private life then put a full stop. Draw a line. Do not carry work from your office to home.

Appoint a caretaker for your house who will take care of your house and your children till you return home. You can also leave your children at a crèche. This will ease your problems.

Take a break. You cannot go on working through the year. Go out on a vacation or simply rest at home. This will rejuvenate you.

Menopause is a difficult time for women. Weight gain, increased health ailments and emotional distress makes this period extremely stressful. Sometimes you tend to suffer from intense depression. 

The best way to go through this phase is to maintain a positive outlook. Nobody can avoid this phase. Eat healthy food and drink lots of water. It keeps your body organs functioning at their best.

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