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How To Advertise On Newspapers At Discount Prices

Newspaper advertising does not necessarily have to be expensive and there are many ways to get great discount prices from newspaper ads.

The first place to start is to check out your local newspaper. Here you are sure to find discount rates for advertising as there are always plenty of spaces available if you know whom and how to ask.

The best way around is to buy more than one ad, this will allow for better-negotiating leverage, more credibility, and the best occasion to ask for overall discounts for all the ads you have out on print.

This type of newspaper advertising will work extremely well if your business is local and if you do not limit your advertising to one single ad in print.

Search for remnant space, which refers to all those spaces newspapers or magazines have not been able to sell.

The editors of newspapers and magazines just have to get those spaces sold before they come out in print. It can be compared to a sale of goods that have been left unsold.

Take advantage of these leftover spaces because a newspaper cannot afford blank spaces so you can get these spaces cheap.

You will have to be ready to act on the closing time of the newspaper or magazine and wait for the right moment, but it is well worthwhile considering the great discounts you can get.

You can save up to 80% off newspaper advertising if you know where to look. A cheap remnant space will cost you a mere 20 cents on each dollar you would usually pay for an ad space in the newspaper.

Even if you are paying cheap always request a good placement, one that will give you the best visibility on the page and overall newspaper.

These places are on the front page, especially on the top right hand. If you can get hold of these places, then your ad will be ten times more effective than anywhere else in the newspaper or magazine.

If you are aiming at national advertising, then you can contact state newspaper associations that can propose really good rates on most of the newspapers throughout the state.

You may get discounts ranging from 30% to 70% if you purchase your classified ads through the state newspaper association.

To find out where these associations are you can look in the directories or online as well as in the Intelligent Testing System, which provides you will an extensive list of all the state newspaper associations as well as the major national classified buying associations.

Another good strategy is sending out a press release, which will attract a lot of attention and will also attribute credibility.

Press releases are also popular with newspaper editors as they have to get the headlines and articles placed everyday and are looking for something new and attractive to sell their newspaper and gain in popularity.

If you can write your own press release and hand it over to the newspaper once you have edited the text properly, this will save them a lot of work and will provide you will excellent press exposure.

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