How To Become A Successful Independent Insurance Claims Adjuster


A career as an independent claims adjuster is a very lucrative path to take as well as an exciting job, especially when dealing with CAT or catastrophe claims.

In cases, where there is a disaster such as damage caused by hurricanes, storms, or other similar catastrophes, claim adjusters come in and help insurance policyholders to recover compensation money for their loss.

A career as an independent claims adjuster is fulfilling and can be very profitable. So, if you decide to follow this path, here is what you should do:

Get a license

The first step is to get an adjuster license as it is an asset when companies are looking to hire applicants for new job possibilities; this is also the first step towards your career as a claims adjuster.

It is also important as people are confident that if you have a license then you also a professional claims adjuster they can rely on.

You can get a course online for about 300 dollars or in classes for around 500 dollars. Once you have completed the course you will receive your license after two weeks.

Obtain a training

The next step will be obtaining critical adjuster training, this is additional training that can be useful for those wish to move on in their career from residential or commercial or contracting industries.

If you have had no experience or very little with construction, loss analysis, estimating software, and standard methods of repair, it is tremendously helpful to undertake some practical training.

Newly licensed adjusters should seriously consider Xactimate training, which is amongst the most important especially for independent adjusters.

Xactimate is also the most popular estimating program today and is widely accepted by more carriers than any other program training.

Now of course it is time to find a job as your license and training is of no use to you if you do not make a business from it.

To do this it is important to understand the employment plan in this field as this will help you find the right job.

The truth is that the demand for independent adjusters varies considerably and depends on the regularity and seriousness of catastrophic weather events.

With the Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma six years ago, it was very easy to find work as a cat adjuster, while the year 2007, however, was marked by very mild weather and did not produce many claims.

In times of bad weather and catastrophes, it is obviously easier to find work as a claims adjuster.

This year has been one of the most demanding in this domain with all the hurricanes that have swept the country the cat claims have skyrocketed, providing many opportunities for successful and fruitful adjustment claims.

As requests are weather-driven, timing is crucial in finding work as an independent adjuster.