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How To Buy A Guitar Case

Your care for your guitar reveals your love for them. A guitar case is not just an accessory, it provides your expensive instrument a shield against all sorts of abrasions and assaults by environmental elements. It lengthens its life span.

No matter whether you are a professional guitarist who has to travel a lot with his guitar or just an amateur who strums along to feel the free spirit associated with guitar tones, the purchase of a fine guitar case is as important as the purchase of the guitar itself.

However, it is equally important to finding out the right case that would complement the shape and size of your guitar.

Both the amateur as well as professional guitarists will need a guitar case for ensuring the best protection for their instruments. No matter if the guitar is in constant use or it is not in use for an extended period of time, a guitar case protects it from all kinds of possible damages like scratches, knocks, and so on.

In other words, a guitar case prevents the instrument from getting exposed to potential harms. The harm may also originate from environmental factors like extreme heat or extreme humidity.

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When the climate becomes too moist, the woods in the guitar may swell. On the other hand, when the weather is extremely dry and hot, the woods may shrink and crack. Guitar case provides sufficient guard against these environmental factors.

Inside the guitar, case Guitars are kept at a moderate humidity level of between 40 and 60 percent which is impossible to maintain in a normal room environment. But it easily possible to create such a perfect humidity inside a confined guitar case.

You often come across the images of romantic guys carrying guitars on their shoulders and wondering dreamily amidst nature. Well, it represents a height of utopia. If somebody moves like that in reality, it means he has little love and no care for his musical instruments.

Such exposure to an open environment will damage the guitar to the point of irreparability. But that does not mean you can not travel with your guitar and in fact, a true music lover never wants to part with his instruments, especially during the joyous moments of traveling. With a guitar case, you can carry the guitar easily and more comfortably.

If you can afford to buy a good quality guitar case you will get extra facilities of additional compartments for carrying other accessories or guitar parts like picks or extra strings.

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You will come across mainly two types of guitar cases: hard-shell and soft-shell cases in the style of soft gig bags.

The hardshell guitar cases come with large sizes and they are rather heavy. But if you need the utmost protection for your precious instrument, then there is nothing like a hardshell guitar case. No wonder these seemingly never wracking guitar cases come for a price that is slightly expensive.

The greatest virtue of most softshell bags is that they are extremely mobile due to their lightweight, but they are not as sturdy as their hardshell counterparts. There are usually no size specifications for these gig bag type cases and they come with an ft for all sizes. As a result, they cannot provide proper cushioning for different sizes of guitars. However, this shortcoming can be overcome with the intelligent use of padding and Velcro.

However, when you are going to purchase any of these two types of guitar cases consider buying a case in any light shade such as white or beige. It will be an ideal color if you have a habit of making outdoor trips along with your guitar.

Because a white case will not heat up as vigorously as cases in any other deep shades like black or brown. And as a guitarist, you might know the negative impact that heat may bring on to your instrument. They are also susceptible to stealing, as with their bright color, a white guitar case will stand out in the crowd.

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