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How To Buy The Best Blenders, Juicers, And Mixers

Blenders, juicers, and mixers are important appliances for any kitchen. You need them to blend and grind food. A juicer is needed to extract juice from fruits and vegetables.

There is a difference between all of this equipment. The blender simply blends the food put inside without any waste. The juicer extracts the juice alone leaving the pulp behind.

The mixer mixes the food, and it can be used for dry grinding as well. A mixer can be used for various purposes like whipping, meat grinding, kneading, and so on. 

Available countertop space 

The most important criteria which determines the best food processors suitable for your kitchen is the available space in your kitchen.

The functionalities of blender, juicer, and mixer are available in a single food processor with multiple jars. If you have limited space on your countertop, you can buy this all in one food processor.

The motor and the food processor body will be on your countertop while the extra jars go to your storage space. When you need the specific functionality, you have to change the blade and the jar.

If you have more space in your kitchen, you can consider buying separate appliances.  

The all in one food processor will be expensive, but it will have more features. With a single food processor, you can satisfy all your needs. You can also buy a separate blender, juicer, and mixer from well-known brands at a low price if you want to save money. 


When you buy any of the blender, juicer and mixer, you have to look for the features available in the appliance. The blenders come with single fixed blades most of the times with single jugs.

You have to place the food in the jug and run the blender to blend the food. Juicers come with extra fittings to store pulp.

The filter and pulp collector have to be cleaned after juicing your favorite fruit and vegetables. You cannot make smoothies with a juicer.

There are certain juicers that can juice citrus fruits alone. You should know the juicer you need before you shop for juicers. Choosing a mixer is hard because several mixers come with different features. You cannot use a blender instead of a mixer.

The mixers are used for grinding purposes, and they come with many removable blades and jars of different sizes. 

While you choose these kitchen appliances, you have to look for the working temperature of the appliance. Some motors get heated soon increasing the temperature of the processed food.

In the case of juicers, when the motor transfers more heat to the extracted juice, the taste will change, and you will lose all the benefits of drinking a juice. The same is true with a mixer.

The ground food should not be heated too much by the motor. You should also look for the power requirements of the appliance to ensure they can be used at your home. It is wise to choose appliances that are certified to be energy efficient.

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