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How To Design A Great Room

There are lots of steps to decorating. The first thing that you have to do is determining exactly what you are going to use that room for.

Think about what the main purpose of that room is for and who will be using it. Think about the space that you have to work with and what your intentions are for it.

  1. The best thing that you can do is form a plan.

Decide the colors that you want to choose for your room. This includes everything from the paint on the walls to the color of the carpet and sofa.

Think about all of this including money. You should set a budget for your room and stick to it. Write down everything that you need and how much money you can spend on it.

Think about who will be using this space that you are designing. Are you designing a space for the entire family to use, or is the room intended for the kids?.

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Are you going to allow your pets in this room? These questions are important because they will help you select the fabrics and the items that you use in this area.

They will help you decide everything from the sofa to the knick-knacks that you place in the room.

2. Keep the size of the room in mind.

You do not want to choose furniture that is too big or too much furniture in a room that cannot hold it.

Having too much in one room will cause the room to look cluttered and smaller than it really is. Looks are deceiving. Most rooms look like they have more room than they do.

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The best thing to do when looking for furniture in a room is taking a measuring tape with you when you shop.

3. Draw up a floor plan of the room.

First, before you go, draw up a floor plan of your room so that you can see on paper what you are dealing with.

Mark off where you want each piece of furniture so that you do not buy more than what you need.

Shop around for the best prices and products that you can find.

Do not settle on anything right away. Keep in mind that you may find something better tomorrow.

If there is a piece of furniture that catches your eye, remember where you found it and you can always go back later to get it.

Take time to look at a lot of different items before you get set on something. Make sure that everything you buy compliments to each other.

All of the pieces that you choose for your room have to go along with your design and the entire theme of your room.

Pick one great piece for your room.

After you find the focal point of your room, design the rest of the objects around that one great piece.

It does not matter what it is. It can be anything from a chair, table, lighting fixture, or even a carpet or sham.

When you find that special key focal item, you will know it and you will be on your way to designing your great room. 

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