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How To Get Over Negative Effects of Business Travelling

Business traveling can be quite a strain especially if you have to deal with jet lag or travel over a long distance.

Having to travel for possible business deals you have to try and appear at your best when meeting your clients or associates and at times that can be difficult when you are feeling lethargic and sapped of all vigor due to travel.

However, there are ways you can get over the bad effects of jet lack and travelling over long distances, so that it does not affect your business appointments and deals.

In most cases we are unable to deal with jet lag due to misinformation, for we do not know how to tackle it.

It is interesting to note that jet lag is in fact mostly a physiological phenomenon that can be avoided if you are prepared to make a little effort.

What is jet lag? It is the imbalance between the cycle known as light and dark which controls our circadian system caused by travel across different time zones.

The body has to adapt to re-create this balance that is being disrupted for our internal clock is out of synchronism.

In most cases, we feel a sense of perpetual fatigue, which can cause headaches and dehydration as a result of this disequilibrium.

Although it is something we cannot control at whim, we can do a lot to minimize the side effects.

The first step to take is prevention. All business trips are usually scheduled before hand, so you can prepare and treat jet lag before it takes over your system.

Be sure you get to bed early the day before you leave for your business trip, in order to get a good night’s sleep.

With good sleep, your body is fortified to deal with extra tension and strain and can therefore deal more effectively with jet lag.

Some studies have revealed that when travelling towards the west jet lag symptoms are minimized, although this may be simply a personal preference. Daytime flying also seems to affect travelers more positively than night time traveling.

Exercising during flying time will contribute in better circulation and keeps your body working properly, including functions such as digestion, respiration and muscle toning.

Move around as much as you can during your flight, as frequent exercise will also help avoid blood clotting that can occur due to the cabin pressure and long periods of sitting in the same position.

Dehydration is one of the major side effects of jet lag, so make sure you drink a lot of water and avoid carbonated drinks, for these will cause bloating and discomfort during the flight.

Avoid alcohol and soft drinks and coffee as you have to avoid stimulating drinks, you should take advantage of the flight for getting as much rest and exercise as you can.

Once you have arrived at your destination allow a time of recovery before any business meeting. If you have an important meeting, try and allow a few days to recover. Consider that the rule of recovery is one day for each time zone you cross.

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