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How To Make a Great Flyer For Marketing Online and Off

Flyers are a good standby tool for marketing both online and off. And there’s no need to be a genius to create a great one, either. Here are some basic guidelines for designing your flyers.


Begin with a basic software program like Microsoft Word or Publisher. Open up the program, then look under File then New to see if there are already existing flyer wizards for documents or templates. If so, start there and adjust one to suit your needs.


First, take a look at your project budget. Is there room for full-color printing of hard copies to distribute? If not, don’t worry. Regular black ink on colored paper produces nice-looking, professional flyers. Coordinate the paper color with a theme for the month, like green paper for St. Patrick’s Day or red or blue for the 4th of July. 


Only have a few different fonts, text sizes, and styles in one document. Just choose a couple of complimentary fonts and sizes. For ideas on which to use, start a collection of flyers stuck on your door, around your mailbox, and placed on your car’s windshield.

Search your favorite industry websites for ideas by looking at their online documents for downloading. Print them out and check to see what you link and don’t like about them. 


 Ensure to include tabs at the bottom of the flyer when displaying it on a bulletin board, allowing people to tear off a piece with the information they desire effortlessly. Check the Help menu for directions. You add a wide text box along the bottom portion of the flyer.

Then, you insert one row of columns. Click on the first column and write what you want to say. Only a little fits here, so take care! Use your URL or website address and phone number. The text will run horizontally like usual, reading from left to right. So you highlight it and click on Format from the top menu, then Text Direction to make it run vertically and fit in your tabs. Do the same for each account.

After completing the task, prepare print advertisements to distribute to the local community. And turn the document into an Adobe .pdf file to spread online. Upload it and include links to it in your emails and forum posts. Attach the PDF to emails when you know recipients accept attachments and can take a look. Reach out online and off with great-looking flyers and grow your business one step further!

10 Ways a Great Flyer Can Skyrocket Your Marketing: A Universal Flight Plan

In this whirling dervish of digital fascination, where a tweet feels like a telegram and an Instagram story is your 15 seconds of fame, who even thinks about flyers anymore? But make no mistake, whether you’re a greenhorn looking to break into your local market or a savvy marketer for a global conglomerate, this unassuming piece of paper could be your golden ticket.

Yep, you read that right—a well-designed flyer can amplify your marketing game like the echo in a canyon. Let’s uncork this bottle of ancient wisdom and modern necessity to explore the ten foolproof ways a good old flyer can boost your marketing strategy.

1. High Impact, Low Cost: The Budget-Friendly Megaphone

Here’s the thing. Whether counting your pennies or swimming in a sea of green, a flyer is like that versatile little black dress that fits every occasion. For the tight-budgeted newcomers, a brochure offers bang for your buck.

Even if you can’t afford a 30-second primetime TV spot or a front-page newspaper ad, you can still communicate your message effectively. And hey, guess what? People love tangible stuff. In the same way, people are more likely to remember that first vinyl record they owned than their umpteenth Spotify playlist; a well-placed flyer can resonate.

For the seasoned pros with a bit more financial muscle, don’t snub the low-cost nature of flyers as “too basic” for your advanced needs. They offer volume and spread. For the cost of one Instagram ad campaign, you could flood a neighborhood or populate an entire event space with your visually striking flyers. So it’s not so much about low cost as high ROI. Remember, only some practical marketing tools must have many zeros on the invoice.

2. Targeted Distribution: The Sniper’s Dream

Whether you’re selling artisanal cupcakes or cloud computing services, the flyer is your homing pigeon. As a newbie, you probably have a local or hyper-targeted focus. Distribute your flyers in nearby localities, community bulletin boards, and at local events. Think of it as casting a fishing net where you’re sure the fish are swimming.

The flyer’s targeted nature allows for a granular approach in a broader marketing plan for the juggernauts in the game. It’s your surgical scalpel in a toolbox full of hammers and screwdrivers.

Coordinate the distribution of your flyers to places your target demographic frequents. Cafes for millennials, tech expos for B2B clients, or gyms for health-conscious individuals—each pilot can be a breadcrumb on the path to your business door.

3. Tangibility Factor: More Staying Power than Your Last Diet

We live in an age of endless scrolling, where information goes in one eyeball and out the other. Flyers hang around—on fridge doors, bulletin boards, or bookshelves. It is a golden opportunity for those just stepping into the business arena. Your message stays with potential customers long after they’ve scrolled past a digital ad they barely glanced at.

For the established industry warriors, this staying power equates to brand recall. Remember the first business card someone gave you? Of course you do. A flyer operates on the same principle. Your brand lingers in the physical world, extending the life of your marketing message.

4. Information Overload: The Good Kind

Flyers offer a canvas of space where you can lay it all out—features, benefits, contact info, and that super quirky tagline you thought of in the shower. Newcomers, this is your stage to tell your audience everything they didn’t know they needed to know about your product or service. It’s like your first elevator pitch but on paper and without the awkwardness of actual human interaction.

For the old guard, consider a flyer as an executive summary for stakeholders. It can be a compact yet comprehensive capsule of your new product line, an upcoming event, or a longitudinal sales campaign. Unlike digital spaces, where a viewer’s attention span is shorter than a goldfish’s memory, a flyer gives you more leeway to make your case.

5. Scope for Creativity: Where Picasso Meets Mad Men

For those new to the business world, your flyer is your playground. Mix and match fonts, go crazy with your color palette, or be bold with your graphics. It’s your chance to make a visual statement that screams, “Look at me!” as loudly as a toddler with a new toy.

For the veterans, this is where you can step out of your comfort zone. Sure, you have a well-established brand identity, but even a sleek corporate image can do with a playful tweak now and then. A creatively designed flyer can add a splash of spontaneity to your marketing campaign, making your brand feel more relatable and less “corporate robot.”

6. Mass Exposure: It’s Like Going Viral but in Real Life

For those just wetting their toes in the business pool, here’s your chance to go “physically viral.” A well-placed stack of flyers in a busy coffee shop or an active gym can get picked up by dozens of people, and each of those flyers can end up being seen by yet another set of eyes.

For the business giants, mass exposure takes on a different nuance. You’ve already captured the digital space; this is your chance to catch the physical space. Think about it: every flyer picked up at a business conference or left on a subway seat has the potential to lead someone new to your brand.

7. Easy to Produce: Simpler than a Cup of Instant Noodles

To all you young blood, no, you don’t need a degree in graphic design to make a decent flyer. Several platforms offer ready-to-go templates. Just fill in your details, play around a bit, and voila! You have something that looks professionally designed.

For the business magnates, don’t let the simplicity fool you. Sometimes, you need simplicity, especially when you want something turned around quickly to capitalize on an emerging trend or hot topic. It’s not about cutting corners but agility and speed in a fast-paced market.

8. Versatility: The Swiss Army Knife of Marketing Tools

Whether you’re an eager beaver launching your first product or a corporate shark managing a global brand, the flyer’s versatility is your ally. Adaptability allows for the customization of this object to suit your needs, expanding its applicability to numerous situations.

9. Encourages Local Partnerships: The ‘You Scratch My Back, I’ll Scratch Yours’ Tactic

For the novices, your community is your best ally. Local businesses love company—literally. Partner up with businesses that align with your product or service and offer to exchange flyer placements. It’s community networking at its finest.

For the stalwarts of industry, these partnerships can be more strategic. Co-brand your flyers with a non-competitor that complements your service, doubling your exposure to a shared target audience.

10. Measurable Impact: Because Who Doesn’t Love Some Good Data?

Newbies, don’t just pass out flyers and hope for the best. Use QR codes, unique URLs, or discount codes specific to the flyer campaign. It will help you track its effectiveness and, who knows, pleasantly surprise you.

For the data-obsessed titans, yes, even a flyer can feed into your metrics. The same tracking methods apply, only at a scale that could provide some surprisingly insightful data points for future marketing strategies.

So there you have it—10 ways a humble flyer can help you soar high in your marketing journey, irrespective of the size or age of your business. Next time you dismiss the flyer as a relic of a bygone era, remember: it’s not about being old-fashioned; it’s about being effectively timeless.

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