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How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

Many people claim that one of the biggest obstacles that work against what should be a healthy relationship is distance. Being physically apart is hard enough, what more when a couple has to contend with thousands of miles between them?

He or she may be in another state, or worse, in another country. And this can cause some problems for people who, by nature, need some affection and care.

But if love can move mountains and could make us reach and grab the stars or swim the seven seas, if love can cause the building of strong empires and the destruction of formidable ones’ if love does conquer everything then what is the distance? Surely, it’s something that love “true love that is” can easily deal with, right?

If you are currently engaged in a long-distance relationship, then here are some things you might want to consider to make it work. Indeed, a long-distance relationship CAN work, and it CAN prove to the world that love, truly, knows no boundaries.


Trust is an essential component of a healthy and lasting relationship. You just have to believe in your partner that he or she would do the right thing. Trust becomes doubly important when he or she is in a faraway land.

Don’t allow yourself to drown in a sea of uncertainty every night, thinking about his or her treacherous tendencies. You have to believe in him or her. You have to believe in the love you guys share. Without trust, a relationship would easily crumble.


Just because your partner is many miles away, such shouldn’t mean that you could start being dishonest. Honesty begins with you.

Share with your partner the events of your day. Tell him or her about your thoughts and ideas about certain matters. Never embellish your stories, nor should you deliberately leave out important details.

The things you would share many not always be happy news, but you have to be honest. They may be painful, they may be depressing, but though ignorance is bliss, your partner deserves to know.

Once you have practiced this, your partner would do the same for you. How could he or she not? An honest disposition deserves the same honesty as a reward.

Keep the communication channels open

A decade ago, long-distance relationships suffered because of the dearth of communication channels. Couples situated as such were only left with snail mails and expensive phone calls.

These days, technology has made things easier for people engaged in long-distance relationships. Not only can they exchange instantaneous emails, but they could also chat in real-time through the internet.

Also, voice and video correspondence have been made possible by the same technology. And if these aren’t enough, long-distance couples can also resort to their mobile phones. Most telecommunication providers over SMS or text messaging, which is quite an affordable way of keeping in touch with a loved one who is far away.

Set a date for your actual meeting

Let’s face it. We can live with long-distance relationships because we know they won’t last forever. There will come a time when he or she has to move in with you, or vice versa. Set a specific date for such an occasion. Make this your goal.

This would give you something to look forward to, and it would help you deal with the loneliness that may be caused by an excessive yearning for the person you hold dear in your heart.

Do something special for each other

Just because you’re miles apart doesn’t mean that you’re left with no recourse but to keep your affections in check. You could express those affections in a variety of ways.

Send a video or an audio package which the other can listen to during those lonely spells. But for him or her a shirt or an item that would always remind him or her of you. Write to him or her an actual, tangible letter that he or she could read before going to bed.

With the many courier services plying their trade in this day and age, deliveries can be effectuated fast and conveniently.

Final Words

Long-distance relationships don’t always have to end in tears. You could make it work, or as long as both parties have their hearts in the right place.

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