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How To Make A Small Space Look Bigger

When you live in a small space, you, sometimes, have to compromise design style in your decorating. That is one thing that you do not need to do is a compromise.

If there is something that you want for your home, you should be able to have it. There are ways to make your room or house have all the style that you want it to.

There is one good thing about having a small space, it can be a cozy getaway for you and your family.

You do not have to sacrifice comfort just because you live in a small enclosed space. With a few tricks, you can turn any small space into your very own palace.

Just by using dark colors, soft fabrics, and dramatic lighting, you can turn any tiny space into a wonderful and stylish place for you to sit and enjoy.

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Some solutions for small spaces are color techniques, furniture arranging, and lighting considerations that can give the look of space.

If you enjoy the light and fun colors, then you will like the way that they also help make small spaces feel just a bit larger.

  1. Icy blue and green color lighting are great

Cooler colors like blue and green will be great for this effect. If you really want to go for the lighter look, you can paint the entire room white with white furniture and accents. This will make any room look bigger and roomier.

Cream colors and icy blues are just a few of the best color combinations that can open up a tiny room into a bigger living area. It is all about illusion.

You may want to think about what I said before about the furniture matching. Consider painting at least some of the furniture the same color as the walls.

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Even the bigger items like armoires and chest will begin to blend into the room and widen out the room. You can add some detail by stenciling in a design or accent onto the furniture.

2. Let the natural light into the room too.

Buy letting the natural light flow into the room, you will be surprised at how this will open up the room and make it look larger.

If you do not have a lot of natural light, you can add some lighting features to the room to make it look bigger. You will be amazed at how this small addition can make a big difference.

3. Use smaller sized furniture

When possible, try to buy smaller sized furniture. If you can downsize your couch or kitchen table, you should do this to make more room for other furniture or space for you to move around in.

4. Hang more shelves on the wall

Try to hang more shelves on the wall to make room for accessories and other items. This will eliminate the clutter from lying around and make more room for your things.

With just a few changes or ideas, you can make your room seem so much bigger and spacious. You will not believe the difference it will make when you take advantage of these tips.

Take your time when changing anything in your home, I know it is hard to sit still and allow yourself to think about what the changes may look like, but in the end, when you take your time you will feel good about the decisions you make. 

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