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How To Make Caramel Apples

No matter how much propaganda is thrown at kids regarding all the negative effects of candy, kids will never turn around and actually give in to pressure and stop eating it.

Processed and refined sugar is insanely bad for you, but who cares. The air is filled with all kinds of carcinogens, so doom is upon one no matter what one does.

But, there will still be those who say to grab a piece of fresh fruit and eat that instead.

Ok, fine. But keep in mind, fruit can still make you fat! Fruit is a simple

sugar and too much fruit will spike your insulin levels the same way that processed sugar will. But, people don’t know this, so they push fruit on people.

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And, in some cases, they mix fruit and candy together hoping that the healthiness of fruit will provide an antibody to the processed sugary candy!

No, this is not logical, but who cares. The jokers ended up inventing some cool snacks so in that regard we can be thankful.

One such invention is the candy-coated apple. These are those apples on a stick that have that red sugary glop smeared all over them.

For the record, those red candy-coated apples taste pretty rotten. So, the more merciful candy makers out there invented the caramel apple!

A caramel apple on a stick is the same as a candy coated apple, with the main difference being that the red slop is replaced with caramel candy, a substance that not only actually tastes good, but is not categorized as an unknown substance in the scientific record.

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Now, the easiest way to get a caramel apple is to go to a store and purchase one already made. The problem there is, is that the readymade caramel apples have a tendency to be a tad overpriced.

There is no reason to shell out inflated prices for a caramel-coated apple when one can make such an apple in the privacy of one’s home for a fraction of the cost!

The first step is to buy the rolled layers of caramel that are sold in stores. (No, you do not need to buy a bunch of caramel candy bars and melt them in a pot!) Then, pick up a supply of red apples and, if you want to, add on some nuts.

And don’t forget to get some sticks or you will end up having to eat your caramel apple with a knife and fork.

When you get home, role the caramel rolls around the apple. Then sprinkle some nuts on top of it.

Put the now caramel covered apple into a pan and toss the pan inside the oven for as brief an amount of time as it takes for the caramel to melt around the apple and affix to it. Don’t let it cook too long! You don’t want the apple to end up getting burnt!

Making a caramel-coated apple is not as tough as one would think. In fact, it is relatively easy! So give it a shot!

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