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How To Organize A Fundraising Event And Get The Best Results

Fundraising is not as difficult as one might think, for people enjoy getting involved with activities such as fundraising events, and you will be surprised at how many people will respond positively if you organize a fund-raiser.

There are so many organizations and reasons to raise money and it can be done easily if you organize your event carefully and layout your plan strategically.

How to go about planning your fundraising event:

–        Make sure the fundraising cause is clear and specify your aims and who the money you will be raising is actually going to.

It is important you narrow your cause down to a specific region or group of people, or for a group of people in particular, otherwise, a cause can be too evasive.

For example, if you are raising money for leukemia let people know it is for the children in their region, this will also make people more responsive to your fundraising event.

–        Get involved with a local or even national organization, as this will allow you to get more involved in your cause and also help you by furnishing established guidelines you will need for your fundraising ideas.

–        Decide on the type of event you will be organizing in order to raise funds. There are several possibilities amongst the cheaper ones, such as car washing, pancake breakfast or baking sale.

If you are aiming at a bigger event go for a run/walk competition, an auction, or a casino and game-playing night. Although these will be more expensive to organize, they will attract more attention and money.

–        Next fix the date of the event allowing for plenty of time to organize and prepare, you will be surprised to find out there is quite a lot of organizing to take care of.

Study the event calendar to make sure the date you have chosen does not coincide with another local or national event, including holidays.

You should also consider having the event during a particular week that will support your own fundraising event, for example, cancer awareness week, or other.

–        If the event you are planning is of considerable size ask for volunteers to help, with various expertise and connections that can help your cause

Organize committees and meetings to coordinate the various issues and preparations for the event.

It is a good idea to find some special guest speaker that has a relation with your cause or is a public figure, for this will draw people to your event.

–        Draw up a budget for all operating costs, as you want to make a profit not loss, this is why it is important to make an estimate of all costs, including printing, mailing, media advertising, refreshments and decorations etc.

Once you have an estimate of how much the event will cost you this will help you decide on the price you have to set for each ticket.

–        Choose an ideal venue to be able to allow for large numbers. These could be places such as catering halls, schools, churches, town halls, and galleries.

Once you have chosen the ideal venue book in advance, for these places are sought after by other events such as yours and ask for a non-profit discount.

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