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How To Pack Your Business Travel Survival Gear

When traveling for business you can save yourself a lot of time and energy if you use a few fundamental strategies to make your business trip run smoothly, thus avoiding stress and time loss. Here are some secrets for successful and trouble-free business traveling.

When you are traveling often in airports security systems can be a real hassle. This is why if you shop around for just the right bag, you will be able to clear rapidly through customs control.

The Clear Bag is the perfect solution for business travelers, for you can fill this transparent carry-on bag with your toiletries.

This bag is made of clear plastic material, which is very resistant and includes clear plastic bottles where you can add your own products to.

Most important if avoids the problem and embarrassment of having to pull out your private belongings for the sake of customs.

For items such as coins, cell phones, or any other metal object you have to pull out when passing through the metal detectors at the airport, the solution lies in the Ziplocks.

You can keep them in one of your carry-on bags side pockets and place these articles just before you go through the checkpoint, to avoid having to search your pockets and risk losing something.

A small practical micro-flashlight can be a real companion when traveling for business. You can hook it to your carry-on bag or jacket zipper, anywhere that is the handiest.

These are very small and lightweight and can shed quite a surprisingly large beam of light, especially when you are trying to find the car you rented in a dark parking lot or in any other situation you need to shed light on! You can find these articles online at Amazon similar websites.

Another handy item for your business travel survival is a Laptop Stand. There never is enough space to work on the seatback trays on buses or airplanes and hotel room desks; this is why this practical stand comes in hand to allow for an adapted pitch to stand your laptop on. It is light and durable.

You will find it comfortable to work with allowing for an easy working position and will allow for space when using connecting cables. It is easy to carry in your bag as you can lay it flat into the carry-on.

If you enjoy your television when traveling for business, you know be now that the TV system in hotels is mediocre. You do not have many news channels to choose from or entertainment ones for that matter; this is why you can find your entertainment solution in the Sling box.

This is an Internet portal that allows you to place your satellite feed or home cable and access it with a password via your laptop.

You do not need to pay a monthly rate once you have bought the Sling box and you may even find one for iPhones or BlackBerrys.

The final item for your survival gear when traveling for business is a thumb drive. This small and very stable memory storage device can be used to carry all your business plans, files, PowerPoint material and videos you will need for your business trip.

These thumb drives have an amazing storage capacity, but you can carry more than one along if you want to categorize your business dealings, they will only take up a thumb-sized space!

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