How To Profit From Local Daycare Centers

How To Profit From Local Daycare Centers
How To Profit From Local Daycare Centers

Every year a multi-billion dollar phenomenon occurs across America… the sales of high school yearbooks. Every parent, grandparent, and concerned relative scramble to put in their order, and pay on average of 60 dollars or more per copy.

The average family purchases two or more copies of the high school yearbook their graduating is in. Many families purchase three or more copies of a yearbook.

Even at a medium-size high school, there are about 300 seniors graduating each year. Three hundred, multiplied by a conservative figure of two per student at 60 bucks each are making high school yearbooks publishers a fortune.

Unlike regular book publishers, yearbook publishers are a small sector of the publishing industry.

However, they enjoy a guaranteed income year after year. They know how many seniors are due to graduate, and they how many yearbooks to publish because yearbooks are preordered before they are even published.

High school yearbook publishers also make multi-millions, if not billions of dollars before the first picture is even taken for a yearbook by soliciting businesses to advertise in the yearbooks and selling pages to parents and families.

Imagine if you could publish a yearbook, and have a guaranteed annual income working like a home-based business.

Would that be great? Well, you can become a home-based yearbook publisher without the need for printing presses, binding machines, distributors, or even much up-front capital.

Start thinking outside the box. Why not take yearbook publishing to a different and more lucrative level. How many daycare centers are there in your town or city? You may only have a few high schools, but the number of daycare centers for kids can range into the hundreds.

You can only be a graduating high school senior only once. However, toddlers attend daycare centers for or more years.

Now you are getting the big profit picture… you can easily become a home-based daycare yearbook publisher! You know how many kids there are in each daycare center, the yearbooks are pre-ordered before publication, and advertising is sold to businesses before the first word is written or picture is taken.

When a child is enrolled in daycare, parents do not get to witness or be a part of that child’s life as they learn, play, socialize with peers, and participate in activities.

Parents and families are missing great treasured moments of their children’s precious and cute formative years.

You can fill that void, and the chances are that no one in your area is doing this. You can be the first, and start enjoying an average seven-figure guaranteed annual income.

You could even let others do the easy work of going to daycare center about once a month, taking a few pictures with a note on what is occurring in each, and telling business about the yearbook… and still, pull down an upper six-figure income doing almost nothing.

Imagine, the same parents, grandparents, and relatives… along with those of new daycare center enrollees will be scrambling to shove money into your pockets to have those special rarely seen moments and times year after year.

This is not just an idea. This is a lucrative big money-making business successfully enjoyed by the few elite. Now that you know it, you too can join the small band before it becomes an orchestra.