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How To Store Seasonal Decorations

Decorating your home for a certain holiday can be a lot of fun. You can turn your home into a masterpiece for every special holiday or occasion.

Most of us have lots of different decorations for every holiday. Whenever it comes time to put these special items away, we want to make sure that they are stored properly to ensure that they are kept safe and clean while they are not being used.

There are a few tips for keeping your ornaments and decorations for your home safe and sound in storage.

If you have to rely on keeping your special decorations for holidays in the attic or basement, you may want to make sure that they are carefully stored to keep them looking just as good year after year.

If you are keeping your items in these locations, you should keep them in an airtight container. You want to make sure that they are sealed up tight so that nothing can get into it.

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You do not want to take the chance of letting mice or other rodents get to your special decorations and ornaments. They could chew and destroy your precious things.

When you have breakables that need to be put away, you should wrap them up in newspaper, or bubble wrap to keep them safe.

Wrapping them piece-by-piece in the bubble wrap or newspaper will keep them from bumping into one another and cracking or breaking.

If you have candles and other wax or soft materials that need to be stored away, you should keep them out of the attic where they will be facing hot temperatures.

In the summertime when the hot sun is beating down on your house, the attic will get hotter and this could lead to these items melting and getting ruined.

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For the more durable items like hard plastic or other strong materials, you can keep them in the basement or in the garage.

They will be safe in a box or containers of some kind. You can even try hanging some items on the walls to keep them out of your way.

Hang them on hooks in the garage or basement to keep them safe until the next time you need them to decorate.

When you pack your items away, you may want to include a couple of mothballs in with them to keep them from getting a musty smell to them.

This will also keep rodents like mice and birds away from your goods. This way when you open them back up, they will be fresh smelling and free from animal damage.

Make sure that you mark the boxes when you put them away. Put some kind of tag identifying what is inside them on the outside of the box.

This will help it go a lot faster and easier when you are trying to find the right decorations for that season.

Taking a few minutes to put your decorations away right will make your life a lot easier when it comes time to decorate. It will also protect your items so that you can keep them for many years to come. 

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