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How To Throw A Party

How To Throw A Party

There are tons of ways in which to throw a party; and many of them are usually bad ideas. The main problem that plagues a party is when the person throwing the party follows a party policy that is inconsistent with the party-goers expectations.

In other words, the person throwing the party does an incredible rotten job at it. Most of this nefarious rottenness can be evaded, but some individuals committed to being thoroughly rotten has the same effect on party-goers that the German U-Boats had on cruise ships circa the First World War.

Common sense should always be employed when throwing a party. Sure, you want the party to be memorable and a real humdinger, but there needs to always be a certain acceptable standard or behavior in place.

Also, there needs to be a certain acceptable standard as to what is or isn’t expected of the party-goers.

First off, if one is going to throw a party, one needs to stick his hand into his pocket and spend some money on food.

If the guests are asked to bring food, that is perfectly reasonable, although relying exclusively on guests to bring food will be a total disaster if the guests skimp on their duties.

Now, if one has not told the guests to bring food, the guests are going to expect the food to be available.

When forty people show up and there is only one bag of potato chips, five of those awful lean cuisine frozen spinach/mushroom pizzas, and five cans of twenty-nine cent generic soda, the guests are going to feel cheated.

Plus, they are going to feel really hungry. And on top of that, they are going to feel that the person throwing the party is both incredibly cheap and a total idiot.

Another form of idiocy is trying to entertain partygoers with things no one finds entertaining or, worse, the partygoers find totally offensive.

Off-color and or adult-oriented DVDs, games, or other novelties may make a slew of guests feel uncomfortable.

Always use common sense when trying to figure out what kind of entertainment will be presented and try not to offend people’s sensibilities.

On a similar note, if the party is primarily a party for adults, be sure the guests know this.

There is nothing more embarrassing than guests bringing little kids to a party with them and the party is filled with drinking, gambling, and other vices. Legal or otherwise.

In the area of alcohol, restraint is best used. Promoting excessive drinking and rowdy behavior is a major safety hazard and also has the potential to seriously embarrass the guests.

Try to avoid letting the consumption of adult beverages degenerate into a disastrous situation and avoid stress the purpose of the party is to drink to excess.

A party is meant for people looking to have fun. When the person throwing the party has done so in a totally disorganized manner, then the party will not be fun.

In fact, it may simply turn out to be nothing more than a very awkward evening. This type of scenario should be avoided by all and can be avoided by all with the simple matter of applying common sense.

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