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Importance of Public Speaking

In today’s industrial scenario, public speaking has emerged as one of the key factors leading to your success.

Public speaking means communicating your views and thoughts to a group of people in a simple but effective manner, so that the audience does not only get your point, your point gets a permanent place in their minds.

In every phases of our life we need to speak out before a large or small audience. When you are student you have to be communicative enough to convince your teachers that you know your subject.

In the graduation and post graduation levels, the written texts are not enough to judge the depth of your knowledge.

At these levels, your grades are determined to a considerable extent on your ability to make a professional presentation of a given topic.

When you enter the job market you have to face the interview board where your communication skill becomes the most crucial factors after your academic degree and grades.

Now that you are in a profession, whatever it is technical or non-technical, academic or marketing; you have to get across your points, your views and feelings to the other side of the desk by the only means of oral communication.

How effectively and successfully you can accomplish your point depends on your ability to communicate.

When you start to climb the corporate ladder, you realize the importance of public speaking in your every move and turn.

Because now you are no longer the executor of the tasks, now you have the responsibility of selling your company’s goodwill to the client, your credibility to your boss and you have to be communicative enough to convince your subordinates of the feasibility of doing apparently impossible tasks.

All these you can perform in an impeccable way if you are a wonderful public speaker and get across your messages to small as well as large groups of audience.

A simple mental exercise will make you realize the importance of public speaking. Just try to remember the names of some of the most academically bright classmates.

Now go to the school website and try to find out how successful they are in their professional life. You will be amazed to find most of these academically shining boys could not make it that big.

But you will be astonished to find the names in the achievers list. Most of them were who you used be naughty and talkative. Well they have hit the jackpot. You will come to know similar experiences from a number of people from different strata of the society.

This is because, if you extremely knowledgeable but do not know how to express them, then your knowledge is of no use.

We are aware of the works of some of the ancient and medieval philosophers because they let the world know of their unique thoughts through their superb oratory skills.

On the other hand, the voices of many fine thinkers never reached our ears because they definitely lacked the skill of effectively communicating their thoughts and ideas to other people.

Then you cannot be a leader if you lack in communication skill. The famous world leaders both of the ancient times and modern times, starting from Socrates to Churchill, Hitler or more recently Martin Luther King all used excellent rhetoric as their weapon to sway the public off their feet.

Public speaking does not always mean speaking before a group of people. The essence of public speaking is to establish your point in the mind of the other person, to share your views with other individuals, and give a piece of your mind to them. Thus public speaking amounts to immense inter-personal skill.

When you come to step out onto a bigger world, outside the narrow periphery of your profession or career, this inter-personal skill helps you to achieve greater benefits from society as a whole. In turn, you can convince other people to make the world better.

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