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Installing Coffee Vending Machines For Your Workplace

Are you into a 9 to 6 corporate job? Then you know the value of refreshment in between the stressful work schedule of corporate profession. So far as refreshment is concerned, we all know the advantages of a steaming cup of coffee.

Nothing can be more stimulant than a sip of this exquisite aromatic drink. The coffee vending machines at your workplace make it possible for the employees to enjoy their cuppa to detangle their stressed nerves and pick up the threads of the incomplete work-loads with renewed vigor.

Not only for enhancing the productivity of the employees, but a coffee vending machine also helps to impress your clients on a visit to your office. In a nutshell, it is a great way of rewarding the employees of the organization and impressing the visitors whose good opinions matter for the company.

Did you know that the concept of vending machine is actually centuries old? You will be amazed to know that the first vending machine was invented by Hero of Alexandria long back in the 1st century.

His machine was meant for distributing holy water in return for a coin. Today’s coffee vending machines are constructed on the basis of the more or less the same technology.

These modern coffee vending machines are electrical power backed appliances that brew for you steaming hot coffee instantly. All coffee vending machines are made of such primary parts as a hot plate, a glass coffee pot, a filter basket, and a water reservoir. 

The modern Coffee vending machines prove to be an extremely efficient gadget for any workplace. Not only they dispense off coffee instantly, you can use them for getting a wide-range of other hot beverages like teas, hot chocolate, and even varieties of instant soups. These efficient appliances can serve you up to 1,000 cups of coffee per day.

This is a simple machine, and its installation is even simpler. This hassle free machine requires just a water line and an electrical outlet for serving cups after cups of hot coffee to the employers and the clients every day.

Like other vending machines, a coffee vending machine comes with a currency detector that examines the money in form of coins and bills when it enters the machine through a specific slot.

And the employees receive their refreshing hot drink within seconds. Most of the high-end machines allow you to fix the price of each cup.

On the other hand, the users are also allowed to select the level of strength, sweetness, and color to get the cup of coffee according to their wishes.

A shut-off mechanism is attached to the system so that there is no excess dripping after the machine dispenses off the selected amount of coffee.

You can customize the coffee vending machines according to the needs of your workplace. Suppose, you have space crunch in your office floor. Just choose a compact model that can be accommodated on the countertop within a small space.

You have many customization options for your coffee vending machines. Forgiving your employees a more luxurious experience, you can attach a coffee grinder with the vending machine, and that way the employees will be able to take the taste of freshly brewed coffee.

There are many sleek models to choose from which are provided with space so that you can inscribe on the machine the company logo.

You don’t need to bother about the maintenance of this wonderful machine either, as it is the provider itself that will take the responsibility of repairing and servicing at regular intervals.

The maintenance also includes the regular clean up of the inside and outside of the machine, which is a must for maintenance of hygiene.

If you do not have a coffee vending machine around in your office, go and convince your employer to install one as early as possible.

Who knows, you might be rewarded for making this recommendation, for your boss is sure to make fabulous profits out of this scheme as coffee vending machines have a proven track record of sparking off the employer’s productivity.

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