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International Property Investment Hot Spots

The secret to a successful purchase of property abroad lies in finding the right property in the best location and snapping it up at the lowest price possible before it becomes common knowledge. It is clear that wisely selected overseas property can offer some very secure and lucrative opportunities.

Whether your dream property abroad is a holiday apartment, town house, luxury villa or a plot of land, you should make research and dedicated carefully choosing investment plans for the purchase of your property abroad.

You can use the International Property Investment Network (IPIN), which helps all types of investors in their quest to access up-to-the-minute information on the very latest investment opportunities in the worldwide property market.

All discerning property investors realize the importance of taking advantage of the most lucrative real estate opportunities as soon as they arise before they become common knowledge.

As a FREE member of IPIN, you, the investor, will stay a step ahead while IPIN advises you of the very latest carefully vetted niche opportunities on the global investment property market today.

You should find out the following information before making overseas property investment:

  • Full financial data on the country and hotspot including exchange rates, GDP, interest and inflation rates and tax rates.
  • Full demographic data on the country and hotspot including population, population growth, unemployment rates and ethnic makeups.
  • Specific property data such as Property prices and rental values split by property type
  • A full description of the country and hotspot including political environment, social security info, languages are spoken, customaries, restaurants and bars, leisure facilities, transport and road networks, future developments, estate agents and letting agents
  • Weather data including a number of hours of sunshine, days of rain per year and rainiest month with measurement.

After the research, you can see that MOROCCO is one of the new exotic destinations that Hot Spot have discovered recently.

Morocco’s luxurious property developments are generally accepted to be of the highest standards available and very competitive prices allow Morocco to boast top quality property in 5-star luxury resorts for a fraction of the price of far less caliber property elsewhere. 

Morocco has attracted a great deal of media coverage with a large number of the worlds wealthy, including film stars and sports heroes, having already purchased property here; Richard Branson, Mick Jagger, Malcolm Forbes, and even David Beckham have all purchased property in Morocco.

Widely tipped to become the next elite holiday destination, Morocco property offers to the rest of us similar style to Puerto Banus, Monaco or St. Tropez at significantly lower prices. Moroccan investment property and apartments for sale can be found in Agadir, Asilah, Cabo Negro, Casablanca, Marrakech / Marrakesh, Saidia / Saida, Tangiers and Tetouan.

If you decided to make property in Morocco investment, you should know about maximizing profit from an off-plan investment in Morocco

  • Purchasing early

When the developer is offering units well below market value for the reasons mentioned above. In Morocco it is also important to buy as soon as possible as the market is in its early stages of development and prices are still very competitive but already rising. Investors who invest now will see the greatest profits.

  • Purchasing the best units

Shrewd investors seek the earliest opportunity to purchase the most sought after properties on any given development. The best units always offer higher capital appreciation in the least amount of time and can demand the greatest rental income. Penthouses are often favorites.

  • Price increases as development mature

As the development begins to be constructed, the value of the units rises. There is normally a completed show home at this stage and buyers are taking less of a risk as they now do not need to rely entirely on plans.

  • Price appreciates as more units sold

As units are sold steadily, so the price of the remaining units will rise.
This is due to buyers being able to see current units as mentioned above. Often a phase payment structure is in operation which mirrors the increasing value of the properties.

Obviously, to the early investor, this means that should you decide to sell your property it will be worth considerably more at this stage than when you made your initial purchase and paid your 30% deposit.

After studying Morocco property investment you will know that King Mohammed VI of Morocco has a strong partnership with Dubai’s ruler, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and both share a vision for the prosperity of their nations. And Dubai is experiencing a phenomenal property boom after enormous amounts of foreign investment and a push to create an economy founded on tourism. The similarities between the two leaders and their dedication to driving their nation’s economy forward have sparked ideas that Marrakech could be to Morocco what Dubai is to the UAE.

Dubai property offers overseas buyers some truly exciting options. Prices are still very affordable and a fast-growing property in Dubai market is currently underway offering purchasers many strong investment opportunities.

Property is so much part of Dubai’s infamous growth that real estate investment here allows buyers a spectacular chance to cash in on high growth of an average 18% per annum (over the past five years) and typical rental returns of up to 12%.

Dubai is “the epitome of luxury and glamour” with some of the finest and most opulent properties in the world to be had. More international businesses are setting up base here and some ambitious tourist developments are underway, meaning there is no reason to think the state’s time has passed.

However, be warned that a good investment hotspot might not automatically be somewhere that a buyer wants to live and that rental potential, growth potential and price should be considered when purchasing a property.

International property is currently a very popular investment. Luxury real estate can still be purchased at excellent prices and purchasers enjoy the exotic atmosphere, stunning natural beauty and variety chosen country provides.

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