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Keep Your Bones Healthy Even After 50! Take Magnesium As Superfood

Weakening of bones, along with slow degradation of tissues with age, is a common problem with elderly folks all over the world.

After age fifty, most gentlemen and especially women, suffer from some type of joint ache somewhere, sometime. For a few, the demarcation line might be sixty but, in most cases, fifty means adding another ailment to your health.

The changing lifestyle

Was this a common problem two to three generations back? Probably it was not. During those times, life was not mechanically operated by machines and gadgets.

Life was more close to nature and people devoted more time to physical labor.

But today, it is more a case of excessive stress on your brain. You don’t eat and sleep properly. It is the work bug biting you from all sides.

Sometimes, when you reach fifty, you lose some of your earlier appetites, and those poor bones of yours don’t have the power to hold you up anymore.

We know that calcium deficiency weakens the bones. Recent research has brought out another important factor related to this problem in the elderly.

Biologists and the medical world have reached the conclusion that magnesium deficiency is as important as calcium deficiency in causing degradation of bones and tissues.

After a certain age, the problem takes a prominent shape, but the roots of this problem were germinating in your body since childhood if proper nourishment was not given at that time.

The modern diet has regarded magnesium as a superfood and is a must-have nutrient in the course of your daily food intake. It has specifically been charted in separate quantities for males and females.

The men need an amount slightly higher than the women. This seems obvious because the bone density in a man is higher than that of a woman.

Men in their sixties should have 420 mg of magnesium per day, and women of the same age group need a 100 mg less than that of their counterparts in a given day.

Magnanimous magnesium and its super sources

Magnesium is no doubt one of the key nutrients for keeping the skeletal structure of your body powerful, otherwise referred to as keeping your bones fit.

Magnesium has a bigger role to play in maintaining your immune system and in shaping your muscles. Even the heart and nervous system need magnesium for proper functioning. Altogether, magnesium should not be avoided for any reason.

All these attributes have only elevated its stature as one of the great superfoods of our times, though its importance was always there.

Intake of magnesium in a natural way, instead of medicinal pills, is a better way to protect your health. Therefore, add more green leafy vegetables in your daily diet, including nuts, beans, legumes and peas.

Even the wheat you use to bake bread should be ground from whole wheat as it contains a larger quantity of magnesium.

Try to have these vegetables and fruits in their pure and fresh form, and don’t forget to drink milk or any type of dairy product, whatever your age happens to be.

Magnesium means a lot to your healthy living and as a superfood, it is unavoidable for the senior people. Please do take care of it!

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