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Latest Trends In Setting Exotic Gardens

A piece of green at your backyard sounds great but it takes massive efforts to create one. But once you are successful in laying a pallet of color that greets you every morning as you open the window, all your efforts are justly rewarded. 

The latest gardening craze is centered on the exotic flavors.

While garden with an emphasis on colorful flower plants or the gardens meant for growing fruits and vegetables have become the subject of generation-past, the stylish homeowners of today would want their gardens to be set up in a different way.

Hence all the enthusiasm surrounding exotic gardens that contain not only the unknown foreign plants but alluring ornamental hazes and grasses too. The net result is a quiet and peaceful oasis amidst all the noises and pollutions of city living.

Now let’s check out for the latest trends that currently dominate the world of garden enthusiasts.

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The landscaped garden

Landscaping has emerged as the most dominant feature of the present gardening style. And the landscaping style of today clearly bears a signature Oriental style.

An interesting point to note is: gardening projects are acquiring a somehow spiritual significance. The Feng-Shui traits are becoming prominent.

In addition to that, many garden enthusiasts are following the minimalist approach in creating a monochrome Zen-type garden. In general, the influence of the Far East is too obvious to ignore.

In addition to this Oriental approach, the landscaping styles of today largely believe in creating a visual impact on the first sight.

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To complement the present-day architecture, the modern gardening style also has the motto of maximum space utilization.

As such container gardens are today big craze particularly among the urban dwellers.

The knot type gardens

In the contemporary art of gardening, the knot style gardens seem to be preferred by a sizeable portion of garden enthusiasts.

This is a formal type of garden arrangement that draws its inspiration from the knot designs used in sixteenth-century Elizabethan tapestries.

But this gardening style can be opted only by those who have adequate space to allow such intricacies.

Informal gardening

An informal look also makes for a present-day gardening trend. An informal garden contains not only cultivated plants but the wild naturally grown plants too.

The more the pressure of modern city living, the more people long for connecting with nature.

This hankering of men is reflected through the informal looks of their gardens with spontaneous clusters of wild plants and shrubberies.

The garden accessories

However, the plants and greeneries are not all that alone will make your trendy exotic garden.

The abundant use of gravel and stones can bring out the true exotic flavor. The mountain, cave, or streams have become the major parts of contemporary garden architecture.

Even if you are going to create a patio or container garden, you have to use such materials as sand, stone, and gravel to bring the desired look.

Other Garden accessories

As said earlier, today’s gardening art believes in creating a strong visual impact. The modern homeowners want their gardens to complement their lifestyle, and as such they want some cutting edge stuff to decorate their gardens.

For example, many people place Obelisks and celestial globes as the main point of attraction in their gardens.

In addition to the South Eastern fake wood furniture, the wrought iron garden accessories are also finding their places in the garden architecture of the west. Copper and brass accessories are also not far behind.

From fashion to home d├ęcor, the people everywhere seem to be guided by one motto and that is back to nature. As such, the latest gardening trends show a lot of reliance on organic growing methods.

As a whole, the current gardening architecture imbibes the wild spirit of nature on the one hand, and on the other hand, it incorporates man-made products to soothe and adorns the untamed looks of nature.

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